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The North is different – it’s a place where ideas are nurtured, community is valued, opportunities are created, and problems aren’t just discussed – they’re worked on – and solved. See for yourself.


The two urban cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are nicknamed the Twin Cities because of their urban proximity with the great Mississippi River as a divider. The Twin Cities boast a unique and collaborative approach to supporting the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. Beyond the startup scene, there’s great theater, food and activities for everyone from sports lovers to art enthusiasts! Learn more below and plan to take in some of the sights while you’re in town.

Read the INC magazine article about the robust and growing ecosystem in the Twin Cities!

Minnesota is home to 19 Fortune 500 Companies – the highest concentration in the country.


If you’re looking for industry leading innovation, you’re in luck. Whether we’re helping people live longer and healthier lives, shaping the global financial system, designing and manufacturing cutting-edge technologies, or feeding the world, MSP leads the way in industries that are solving world-wide challenges. Safe and abundant food, clean water, and health solutions will drive the global economy, and MSP will lead the way.

This dedication to solving problems has also created a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Twin Cities – and around the country, people are starting to take note! In 2018, Minneapolis – St. Paul was ranked a top metro for business by Kauffman, Business.org, and M25 Group, just to name a few. Read more by clicking the links or check out what INC Magazine thinks of Minnesota’s startup scene… we’ll give you a hit, it’s hot!


Worried about the weather? We’ve got you covered!


The Minneapolis skyway system is one of the city’s most striking assets and will allow you to get to and from the conference without braving the elements. One floor above ground, the system of enclosed, elevated walkways is more than 9.5-miles and links shopping, restaurants, entertainment and more in climate-controlled bliss. One of the first and most extensive networks of enclosed skyways in the U.S., the system connects more than 80 blocks, 1,000 businesses, 2,000 condos, and accommodates more than 200,000 pedestrians every day. Learn more and get help finding your way via Meet Minneapolis: https://www.minneapolis.org/map-transportation/minneapolis-skyway-guide/


The MSP region has a community for every lifestyle imaginable.


From vibrant suburbs, to bustling urban neighborhoods, small towns to family farms. Minneapolis has 11 city sectors making up 84 neighborhoods and Saint Paul is home to 18 distinct neighborhood communities—each part of town with its own vibe. Some areas are a little bit country and others, a little bit rock n roll. However you define “cool” we have it in spades.

Check out the various neighborhood in Minneapolis and St. Paul to find something that suits you. A few other gems just on the outskirts of town are the Mall of America and Minnesota Zoo. Before you snag your flight, consider coming a day or two early to take part in some of the great events happening across the region:

The Twin Cities is second only to New York City in theaters per capita, so check out the variety of theater, dance and musical performances happening while you’re here. You can also enjoy a game of indoor artist-inspired mini golf, take a Skyway Food Tour or enjoy the great outdoors on bike, foot or by boat!

With so much to choose from, you’re sure to enjoy yourself!