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If you have industry expertise and are interested in writing on specific topics for InBIA or developing content to be deployed as full-day in-person trainings and/or online trainings, please read the details below and consider submitting one of multiple proposals.

Business Incubation Management Certificate Program

For the last decade, InBIA has provided entrepreneurship support practitioners with the foundational knowledge and resources they need to run successful entrepreneurship centers with the Business Incubation Management (BIM) Certificate Program. To ensure this information is as current as possible and also relevant to a broad and global audience, we are revising all course curriculum and looking for content developers to assist in this process. The goal will be to expand the current BIM framework and also broaden the audience to which the curriculum applies. Selected course content developers will be responsible for writing current, unbiased content that includes broadly diverse entrepreneurship center programs and ecosystems, to be presented both in person and online.

InBIA is seeking two course content developers for the Business Incubation Program focused on (a) global ecosystems and programs and (b) entrepreneurial hubs of innovation within ecosystems of varying levels of development. The content developers will be responsible for writing current, unbiased, industry-wide representative content on the specified topic for the program that will be utilized in a variety of formats (in-person and online). Course developers will work closely with InBIA’s training department to plan a revised program framework, write a detailed program outline and specific outcomes for each course that meet the needs of the organization. InBIA’s aim in revising the program is to incorporate a broad range of perspectives, including geography (international and urban/rural), socioeconomic variances and ecosystem development.

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U.S. Department of State Grant

InBIA is partnering the Small Business Network of the Americas (SBNA) and the U.S. Department of State on a grant project called the La Idea Incubation Program. The goal of the program is to connect and strengthen more than 2,000 small business development centers, service providers and medium-sized enterprises of entrepreneurs throughout the Western Hemisphere. The project will promote and support job creation and encourage greater trade among these businesses throughout the Americas.  It will also expand the pool of available resources for business development, enhance access to business counseling services for entrepreneurs, and foster growth by providing a framework that will allow small businesses to connect.

The SBNA initiative is one of the most important entrepreneurship initiatives that the U.S. government has launched.

One of our standout entrepreneurship initiatives is the Small Business Network of the Americas (SBNA), which President Obama launched in 2012 to strengthen the small business support infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean by sharing with these countries the U.S. Small Business Development Center model and methodology to encourage replication of this model abroad, and connecting thousands of these centers throughout the Western Hemisphere. In 2015, there were 118 centers operating in Latin American and the Caribbean based on the U.S. SBDC model. In collaboration with over a dozen other countries in the Western Hemisphere, by 2018 we expect these center across the region to be serving 100,000 businesses every year.” – Secretary of State John Kerry.

InBIA will deploy three separate cohorts with 5-10 entrepreneurs over a twelve-month period. Each cohort will have a specific industry focus that will align the needs of the participating entrepreneurs and include a training program that will be hosted at an incubator with domain expertise in the industry the participants are conducting business in. For this training program, InBIA is seeking 2 course developers for new courses to be deployed as part of a federal grant, focused on best practices and nuances of (a) startups from emerging regions conducting business in the United States, and (b) startups conducting business from outside the United States in relation to product deployment, sales, shipping, and employee regulations. If you are interested in developing content for this program, please contact [email protected] for more information.

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InBIA Publications

InBIA is committed to being on the cutting edge of the latest trends and innovative approaches in the entrepreneurial support industry. If you have unique insights or industry expertise, please consider partnering with us to create fresh, relevant content in the form of e-books and shorter playbooks. We are looking for experienced writers who are interested in explaining tips, tools and case studies on specific topics.  If you’re interested in partnering with InBIA on publications and other written materials, please contact Lindsay at [email protected]. We’ll post more information about the RFP when it becomes available.