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Endicott College Collaborates with International Business Innovation Association

Beverly, Mass – Endicott College’s Angle Center for Entrepreneurship and the International Business Innovation Association (INBiA) just announced the publication of an e-book entitled “Launching Your Place-Based Neighborhood Entrepreneurship Center”.  Co-authored by Deirdre Sartorelli, the director of the Angle Center at Endicott College and Liv Sunna, the e-book is an action-based playbook for building successful entrepreneur-serving hubs in emerging urban communities.

“This is an exciting time for our cities throughout Middle America – our entrepreneurs, government partners, and supporting organizations for America’s small business pipeline can demonstrate economic recovery via fostered connections to local revenue opportunities and the development of regional institutional investment pools,” shares InBIA Senior Vice President of Strategy & Partnerships Andrea Wesser-Brawner. “This exciting book – which can be utilized by emerging communities throughout the US – provides a practical framework, and relevant case studies, to replicate these models which have worked for entrepreneurial ecosystems with analogous assets, capabilities, and challenges.”

The e-book targets those towns and cities which are facing the age-old question of how to reinvent themselves after losing their primary industry to automation, obsolescence, off-shoring or other factors.   The publication challenges readers to take specific measurable actions from the very first chapter so that when the book is completed, a fledgling entrepreneurial community has begun.

“Entrepreneurs are about “doing”, remarks Deirdre Sartorelli.  This book capitalizes on that fact and takes a novel approach beginning with page one where we encourage the reader to immediately begin to “community-build.  This is less about ecosystem stakeholders getting it 100% right and more about creating the prototype for an entrepreneur-serving hub”.

Leveraging lessons from cities like Birmingham, Alabama; Detroit, Michigan; and Baltimore, Maryland, which have all undergone tremendous re-births, the e-book can be scaled for an area from small downtowns to large municipalities.

InBIA provides industry best practices through education while enabling collaboration, mentorship, peer-based learning, and the sharing of innovative ideas for entrepreneurs across the globe.

Endicott College offers doctorate, masters’, bachelors’, and associate’s degree programs at its main campus on the scenic coast of Beverly, Massachusetts, with additional campuses in Boston, online, and at international locations. Endicott remains true to its 1939 founding principle of integrating professional and liberal arts with internship opportunities and career preparation across disciplines.  Endicott College is a member of INBiA.

The book was made possible by JPMorgan Chase & Co. through Small Business Forward, a five-year, $150 million initiative connecting underserved small businesses with the capital, targeted assistance and support networks to help them grow faster, create jobs and strengthen local economies.