La Idea Incubator Program

La Idea Incubator Program is a powerful initiative focused on strengthening entrepreneurship and job creation across the Western Hemisphere, which has been funded and initiated by the United States Department of State. La Idea especially encourages trade and commerce between Central America and the United States, and the program is a collaboration between InBIA, the Small Business Network of the Americas (SBNA), Cenpromype and America’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC).

2 Key Objectives of the La Idea Incubator Program

  1. To provide entrepreneurs from Central American countries access to advanced incubation services in the United States
  2. To establish a network of quality entrepreneurship centers across the Western Hemisphere that can support La Idea participants upon their return from the United States

Grant Applications are Open!

Do you have friends, family or associates in the Caribbean or in Central or Latin America interested in small business? America’s SBDC has partnered with multiple organizations and the U.S. Department of State to offer 10 sub-grants to small businesses in these countries up to $52,500 in the fiscal year 2017. The purpose of the subgrants will be to support small businesses in Central America by increasing small business counseling skills, strengthening center to center SBNA partnerships and increasing international trade and small business opportunity in underserved communities. 

If you are a small business service provider helping entrepreneurs create jobs locally by connecting globally within the Western Hemisphere, we encourage you to apply for supportive grand funding at  The deadline for the first round is June 30, 2017.  We look forward to seeing the winning proposals announced by September 2017.

Click here to learn more about the SBNA Grant Application


A Note from Our Friends at SBNA

We are thankful to our partners–America’s SBDC, the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA), CENPROMYPE, and the University of Texas San Antonio–for their leadership, vision, and boundless energy in fostering a more connected international community of small business service providers.  We have worked hand-in-hand to host seven international sister center workshops since 2013, which have generated over 600 potential partnerships thanks to your hard work.  Some partnerships are ready to move forward, but if you are still searching for just the right partnership, not to worry.  There will be two more rounds of grant opportunities in 2018 and 2019.  Our next international sister center workshop is tentatively scheduled for September 5, 2017 in Nashville, TN at the America’s SBDC Annual Conference.  Before then, we’re happy to make virtual introductions and you can find suggested matches tailored to your focus areas at

Please feel free to send this message to other qualified small business service providers and encourage them to join SBNA by registering at  Thank you again for all of your enthusiasm and we look forward to building partnerships for many years to come.


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InBIA has a variety of global programs designed to facilitate international collaboration, production, trade, manufacturing, and shared resources across all continents. Through our Soft Landings Network and Global Ambassadors, InBIA is passionate about forging international alliances and strengthening entrepreneurial ties across the globe. If you have any questions about our global programs, please contact David Fonseca via email at [email protected]