For over 30 years, InBIA has welcomed entrepreneurial support organizations (ESO), managers, directors, policymakers and the broader entrepreneurial community into its global network by helping practitioners develop sustainable programs through various types of information and education.

InBIA has maintained focus on the goal of providing high-quality, industry-specific content since 1987, when the first State of the Business Incubation Industry was published, just two years after InBIA (which was then NBIA) began. Since the first publication was released in ‘87, InBIA has vetted and published comprehensive resources on various entrepreneurial support topics, and has distributed these books and other resources globally through the ever-popular online bookstore.

Over the past 30 years, InBIA has added a variety of services and resources to support its network. Some of these services and resources are:

  • Training and education
  • Global programing
  • Designations and accreditations
  • Industry news
  • Sample documents and case studies
  • Grant funding opportunities
  • Webinars featuring industry thought leadership content

While the addition of these resources was a necessary addition to our array of services, InBIA’s sweet spot has always been, and dare I say, will always be publications.

“InBIA has produced publications with information that cannot be found anywhere else.” – Kirstie Chadwick, InBIA President and CEO

A Comprehensive Guide to Business Incubation continues to be one of the most purchased publications in InBIA’s 30-year history. Within this publication, managers from around the world receive all they need to know in order to start and run successful programs. This book is the single most informative reference for business incubation professionals with 71 chapters featuring the advice and insight of more than 200 industry veterans. Among the many topics covered are incubator development, incubator management, working with clients, and unique concerns of specialized incubators. Whether you’re new to the industry or think you’ve seen it all, this book will introduce you to new ideas to help your incubation program achieve its full potential. 

“The emphasis in our publications offerings has always been the practitioner – we offer research and insights that incubator and accelerator managers can use in their programs.” – Mary Ann Gulino, InBIA’s Bookstore Manager

As the entrepreneurial ecosystem has evolved over the years, books from InBIA Publications were developed and adjusted for practitioners with industry trends staying top-of-mind. Since the association has provided best practices that industry professionals can apply to their own programs, practitioners are now craving for more. The State of the Industry reports provide a holistic overview of industry happenings that demonstrate metrics for managers to use both in program evaluation and in program marketing. With this benchmark, managers can learn how they’re doing compared to other programs. In fact, we’re pleased to announce that InBIA will be be publishing its most recent industry report in Q4, 2017!

About this book: collecting and reporting on unique economic data will make or break your organization’s ability to raise capital, track your program’s performance and add to your credibility in the industry. InBIA’s guide to collecting and disseminating the right information will provide you with the rationale behind data collection, tips for ensuring cooperation from clients and graduates and suggestions for ways to share your economic impact data with stakeholders and the general public.

Many members favor the Put It In Writing II (PIIW II) publication published in 2012.  This piece emphasizes the importance of documentation, facility processes and provides incubation managers replicable policies and procedures. Resources demonstrating how to create an incubator/accelerator/coworking space application, startup requirements, lease agreements, facility rules and regulations, mentor and advisory board sample documents are provided. Specifically, new members or members looking to revamp their programs find this information extremely valuable. (This publication is available for members to download within the Exchange.)

InBIA was the first to publicize this type of information to help serve the different needs of an incubation program back in the mid eighties, and our hard work isn’t done yet! To help you stay current with the latest industry insights and information needed to impact your entrepreneurial ecosystem, InBIA is excited to announce many new publications and a relaunch of the ever-popular online bookstore!

In celebration of InBIA’s new bookstore launch on September 1, 2017, we’d like to offer you a free copy of our, Metrics for Entrepreneurship Centers.

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