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InBIA’s members have built some of the world’s strongest programs and services to help entrepreneurs in their communities succeed. Whether our members have helped these small businesses grow their revenue streams, obtain investments or hire incredible talent, they have replicable best practices for every business climate, population density, or other similar ecosystem factions. Therefore, who better to canvas for strong, relevant training content, but our powerful network of members? These members are entrepreneurial support organizations like business incubators, accelerators, coworking and makerspaces; government institutions, universities and economic development agencies, consultants and general lovers of entrepreneurship.

While each individual member has a number programs and/or services that serve their entrepreneurs, they cannot be good at everything (no matter how hard they try!). There are also a number of best practices for  supporting entrepreneurs, where courses or standardized content in these finer-detailed topics are not ubiquitous. Such topics include: how entrepreneurs can bootstrap their companies through non-dilutive funding; commit powerful market research in-house; find and hire reliable technical talent; and create a sales lead pipeline, among many others.

The time has come to provide our members and the broader entrepreneurial community with educational and training content created from the experience of veteran InBIA members.  Our goal is to create a turnkey solution that all organizations can utilize as direct program or service offerings to their clients. As a result, InBIA is proud to introduce the NewCo Academy. The term “NewCo Academy” stands for new companies and exclusively focuses on providing professional development opportunities to support the new businesses you represent with your entrepreneurship program.  This portfolio of courses is the only group of InBIA’s training catalog to offer “Train the Trainer” opportunities, providing turnkey solutions – actual presentations in a mix of lecture and group activities, along with supplemental materials, to provide to their clients. While the content is mostly self-paced (except our Business Model Canvas course, at this time) and available online for at least 60 days of access to registrants, presentations and other materials may be downloaded and re-utilized  by  your organization.

We encourage all NewCo participants to take advantage of this turnkey solution; put your logo on it, rebrand it, own it!

InBIA’s NewCo Academy promises to provide the training and resources needed to teach concepts specific to your region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and culture, while also assisting entrepreneur support organization staff with the most current industry knowledge. By the end of each course, learners will be able to facilitate the workshop in their own organizations, transferring essential knowledge and strategies to startups.This unique training opportunity is suited for all program manager, directors, entrepreneur support organization Board Members, Mentors/Volunteer Coaches, or all those who wish to be emerged in  a new movement of entrepreneurial education and training.

While the full roll-out of NewCo Academy courses can be found here – future blog postings will highlight the exciting line-up of topics. In addition to the new catalog to be rolled out this year, 2018 will herald a new theme for NewCo. While 2017 will focus on broad topics for entrepreneurs, 2018’s NewCo courses will focus on enhancing technical and soft skills of founders. These include: the art of negotiation; how to be resourceful; the ability of making synaptic connections; principal investigator bootcamps, and many more awesome topics.

We hope you’ll find this program useful, and if you would like to request a topic or would like to recommend an organization/individual as a content provider, please contact InBIA’s Director of Training, Andrea Wesser-Brawner at [email protected].

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