Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access conference sessions?

You can access all ICBI34 sessions through the “Schedule” tab in Brella. When it is time for a session you can click on the session title and a window will ask you to launch Zoom to attend the session.

What equipment/software do I need to access an ICBI34 session?

All sessions will take place in either Zoom Webinar or Zoom Meeting. To join, you will click on the session title in the schedule, which will take you to a live stream page with the Zoom link. When you click on the link, Zoom will launch through an app on your computer or mobile device. Before the conference begins, please be sure you have downloaded the Zoom app and run all available updates. Click here to review the system requirements for Zoom, click here to run a test to make sure your Zoom is working well, and click here to see an article on what to do to optimize your Zoom if you are having connectivity issues.

It’s time for a session I want to attend, but I don’t see how to access Zoom.

Please refresh the session page, a Zoom notification should pop up. If not, please contact InBIA at [email protected] and we will send you a direct link to the session.

I wasn’t able to attend a session live when it happened. How can I watch the recording later?

The recording for each session will be located on the session page in the “Schedule” section of the event. All recordings will be posted within 3 days of the session occurring and will be viewable as an embedded video on the session page.

How can I network with other ICBI34 attendees?

There are 2 ways to network with ICBI34 attendees through our conference platform.

First, you can go to the “People” tab once you have created an event profile. In this tab, you will see a list of other attendees that you meet with. Any attendees with the word “Match” listed under their picture are matches recommended to you based on the interests you selected when signing up in Brella. However, you can ask to have a meeting with any ICBI34 attendee by clicking on their name and then selecting “Suggest Meeting”.

Second, you can go to the “Sponsors” tab and suggest a meeting with representatives from any of our sponsors. Just click on the name of the representatives listed in the sponsor booth and suggest a meeting time.

How can I adjust the networking interests I selected when signing up?

If you would like to add or remove the interests you selected when signing up in Brella you can quickly do this in the “People” tab. Once you are in the People tab you will see the menu along the top of the page that lists the following categories: Matches, Newest, Bookmarks, You.

If you click on the “You” button this will show your profile. Just click on the “Edit my profile” button and you can edit any information about yourself.

Why do I need to choose networking interests when signing up?

These interests will be used to help match you with other attendees who have similar or related interests. The more interests you select the better the recommended matches will be.

How can I adjust my availability for scheduling meetings?

You can adjust which times you are available to schedule meetings through Brella in the “Schedule” section of the event. There are 2 ways to adjust your availability:

Adjust your availably by day – When you are logged in and looking at the schedule for ICBI34 you will see a menu along the righthand side of the page. Towards the bottom of this menu, you will see a section titled “Your availability”. If you click on that section it will show the 4 days of ICBI34: Monday, June 22nd – Thursday, June 25th. Under each day you will see the work available and unavailable. You can select either of these options for each day and that will set your available as all available or all unavailable (depending on your selection) for that day.

Adjust your availability by individual network slot- When you are logged in and looking at the schedule for ICBI34 you will see a menu along the righthand side of the page. Towards the top of the page, you will see a section titled “Filter”. Under this section, you should select “Networking Availability”. You will now see a list of all available networking sessions.

You can click the button to mark yourself as available or not available for each meeting slot.

Where will my meetings take place?

Any meeting you schedule through Brella will take place directly in Brella. Once a meeting has been confirmed it will show up on the Schedule section with a link to connect via video once it is time for your meeting.

Where do I see if I’ve received any meeting requests or the status of meeting requests that I have sent?

When you are logged in to the Brella platform you will see a notification box in the top right corner of your screen.

I have registered, but I am not sure how to access the event in Brella.

If you have registered but haven’t received a link to register in Brella please contact InBIA at [email protected] and include your registration number and any other registration information you can.

I was registered for the in-person ICBI34 and transferred to the virtual event – do I need to sign up again? 

Everyone who opted to transfer a registration from the in-person event to the virtual event will automatically be registered – no need to go through an additional registration process. InBIA will send you information about how to join the event and connect with other attendees. 

What content will be offered during the virtual conference? 

We are transferring much of the content we had planned for our live event to the virtual event, but now the sessions will be linear, not concurrent. A detailed schedule will be posted here as soon as it is ready, and in the meantime, you can view the original schedule to give you an idea of specific topics and sessions. 

I may have other necessary meetings scheduled over the days the conference is happening. Can I go back and view sessions I missed later? 

Though the virtual conference will be happening in real time, we will make recordings of each session available to registered attendees. Watching a recording obviously negates the ability to interact with presenters and other attendees, but allows you to access the content, particularly if you have other commitments you cannot avoid. 

One of the main reasons I attend conferences is to meet other people who do similar work so I can connect, brainstorm, share ideas, and commiserate. How can a virtual conference replace that valuable element? 

We are excited about the platform we have selected to facilitate connections between attendees, and we are building time for people to have virtual conversations – both one-on-one and in groups – throughout the event. If you have ideas for how to make virtual connections fun and interesting, we’d be glad to hear them – email us at [email protected]

When will InBIA hold its next in-person event? 

We are currently making plans to hold our e.Builders event this fall, and our International Conference on Business Incubation next spring. As we proceed, we will carefully monitor the recommendations from the CDC and the situation with COVID-19. We place much value on in-person interactions and hope to be able to gather soon, but we maintain the health and safety of our attendees as our top priority. 

I was interested in the Preconference trainings and don’t see those included on the ICBI34 website – is it still possible to participate in one of those? 

The full Entrepreneurship Center Management (ECM) Certificate program is available to be taken online – click here for more details. We are also planning to convert the Building Successful University Entrepreneurship Centers and Advanced Mentor Development Certification courses into online formats – email us at [email protected] if you would like to receive more information about those.  

Are there sponsorship opportunities with the virtual event? 

Yes! The platform we are using provides several opportunities for showcasing products and services, and for connecting individually with interested attendees. If you would like more information about how to become a sponsor, email Carie Davis at [email protected]

Additional questions

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