A global network of food incubators, accelerators and shared-use kitchens

InBIA, in partnership with the Rutgers Food Innovation Center, is excited to announce the formation of the Food Business Incubation Network (FoodBIN), and InBIA’s first-ever FoodBIN Conference

FoodBIN Conference
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September 13 – 14th, 2017


Rutgers University Student Center, New Brunswick, NJ

Join us at this inaugural conference and learn about global best practices for servicing the food entrepreneurs in your region. This 2-day event will highlight best practice models in food business incubation, food industry trends and challenges, and an overview of various funding opportunities that are available to food innovation and incubation programs and their member clients.

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The global food industry is evolving and growing rapidly!

Over the last decade, there has been a significant increase in the development of food business incubation centers as entrepreneurs have created many new startup businesses due to consumer demand for more local and specialty food choices.

In addition, the food marketplace has become incredibly globalized, and international food businesses are increasingly seeking specialized food business incubators and Soft Landings programs that can enable them to enter into a foreign marketplace. Investors are also increasingly attracted to the food industry, and it has been estimated that at least $6.8 billion of capital has flowed into private companies in 2015, with leading investments occurring in the US, China, Germany, India and the UK.

FoodBIN’s mission is to become the world’s leading voice for advancing best practices in food business incubation, and identifying programs, services, funding sources, and partnerships that can maximize impacts to food and agribusinesses within regional economies.

Who will be attending the FoodBIN Conference you ask?

Lovers of food entrepreneurs and leadership of:

Agribusiness/Farming Incubation Programs

Small Business “Kitchen” Incubation Programs

Small/Mid/Large Scale Food Processing Incubation Programs

Food Commercialization and “Graduate” Incubation Programs

Due to the significant differences amongst food incubation programs, there is a great need to create a centralized place where information and resources can be shared. To enable this type of collaboration and networking to occur, InBIA has partnered with the Rutgers Food Innovation Center, who was awarded funding from USDA Rural Development – Rural Business Services, to formalize the development of a Food Business Incubation Network (FoodBIN).  

“Day in, day out, the work of producing food is still one of the hardest, messiest, most all-consuming, inconvenient and financially risky occupations.” – Lynne Curry, author of Pure Beef

“The heart of a true business incubation program is the ongoing, personalized, and comprehensive services that are provided to clients. By following best practices, an incubator will customize its mission, clients targeted, services provided, and infrastructure that is required in order to integrate its program into the fabric of the community and the broader economic development goals of the region. A best practice incubator will provide the expertise, networks, tools, and a social capital environment that will dramatically enhance the success of a new entrepreneurial venture. An incubator can become the catalyst for the creation of a business cluster in a community, county, state or region by creating concentrations of interconnected companies, suppliers, service providers and associated institutions.” – Lou Cooperhouse, Executive Director, Rutgers Food Innovation Center, in presentation to US House of Representatives Committee on Small Business

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