Our global programs are designed to facilitate international collaboration, production, trade, manufacturing, and shared resources across all continents. Here are just a couple of programs, with plenty more to come!

La Idea Incubator Project

Funded and initiated by the United States Department of State, the La Idea Incubator Project is a powerful initiative focused on strengthening entrepreneurship and job creation across the Western Hemisphere. La Idea especially encourages trade and commerce between Central America and the United States. The program is a collaboration between InBIA, the Small Business Network of the Americas (SBNA), CENPROMYPE, University Texas San Antonio, and America’s Small Business Development Center.

Soft Landings

InBIA recognizes the need for entrepreneurship centers that have the capacity to serve foreign companies interested in expanding outside of their domestic markets. So in order to serve these foreign companies, we’ve developed a global network of Soft Landings centers.

Companies that want to expand into international markets need unique programs and services, and our Soft Landings network identifies the entrepreneurship centers that excel in serving these companies while providing them with support and visibility.

If you have any questions about our global programs, please contact [email protected]