Our Soft Landings network ensures that businesses entering or expanding into a new country are provided with an accelerated introduction to that country’s business practices, regulations, and culture. Soft Landings designees help make contacts in a new country more quickly and efficiently while providing access to the resources necessary to meet their business goals. 

Accelerating the expansion of foreign companies

We recognize the rapid growth in the need for entrepreneur support organizations that have the capacity to serve foreign companies interested in expanding outside of their domestic markets. In order to serve these foreign companies, we have developed a global network of Soft Landings-designated programs that have been validated through a rigorous application and peer-review validation process.

A Soft Landings designation recognizes entrepreneur support organizations that excel in providing companies with various services. Ultimately, Soft Landing designees ensure that foreign companies experience a “soft landing” when entering a new country.

The Soft Landings designation is available to any entrepreneur support organizations who clearly demonstrate they have the resources and programming to meet the needs of foreign/non-domestic companies that want to enter their markets.

Designees are able to attract new clients by differentiating their programs as specially designed to work with foreign companies interested in international expansion.

Examples of some of these services include:

  • Translation services
  • Language training
  • Domestic market research and entry assistance
  • Access to capital and potential investors
  • Intellectual property protection assistance
  • Help meeting government regulations
  • Help with import/export laws
  • Patent assistance
  • Help obtaining business and driver’s licenses
  • Cultural training
  • Immigration and visa assistance
  • Housing assistance

Designation Benefits




A Soft Landings designation provides global credibility and exposure that enables entrepreneur support organizations to attract new clients and differentiate their programs as being specially equipped to work with foreign companies.

It also proves program quality to prospective inbound companies, potential partners, and available funding sources.




InBIA will provide promotion and marketing support through a  listing on our website, social media and showcase opportunities at the InBIA conference.


Global Participation


Designees are provided exclusive opportunities to collaborate with InBIA on international projects and grant proposals.


To apply for a Soft Landings Designation, your center must meet the following criteria:

  • Proven track record of serving foreign companies
  • On-site management that specializes in helping foreign companies entering the center’s regional market
  • A full range of business services addressing the needs of international firms

A committee of InBIA members with deep experience in hosting foreign companies will review all Soft Landings applications. To maintain the globally-recognized credibility of the Soft Landings program, the selection committee will be looking for a proven track record of success in serving foreign firms. If your entrepreneurship center meets all criteria except for having direct hosting experience, you may be eligible for a one-year provisional designation. By hosting at least one foreign company during that year, your center will be able to continue on to full designation for the next two years without reapplying.

The designation is valid for two years from the date of approval. The renewal process takes up to six weeks, so plan to submit your application two months before the expiration date.

Program Fees

Fees InBIA Members Non-InBIA Members
2-Year Soft Landings Designation Fee

  • Billed after acceptance into program
  • Renewal required every 2 years
$2000 $3000
Initial Soft Landings Application Fee $500 $500


Soft Landings Directory

U.S. Designees

International Designees

Application Process

A review committee that consists of InBIA members with deep experience in hosting foreign companies will review Soft Landings applications. The selection committee will be looking for a proven track record of success in providing services to foreign firms to increase their success rate in entering regional markets.

The Soft Landings Committee uses the following criteria to review and judge Soft Landings application

  • Best Practices
  • International Strategy
  • International Support
  • Program Results
  • Financial Stability

If your entrepreneurship center meets the rigorous Soft Landings designation criteria, but is declined due to not having direct experience in hosting a foreign company, your center may be eligible for a one-year grace period to identify and host at least one foreign company without having to reapply.


Let's Get Started!

Initial application or renewal requires a credit card.  Once processed, you will receive an email confirmation containing a link to start the application process. If you are unable to apply with a credit card, please contact us at [email protected].




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