Preconference Training

April 21 & 22, 2018

Join us early to take advantage of in-depth trainings on specialized topics, industry-specific certificate courses, and train-the-trainer bootcamps that will certify you to teach popular entrepreneurship skills and strategies.


Entrepreneur-Serving Professional Development

The Preconference courses provide the opportunity to earn professional certificates and to get in-depth information, useful tools, and effective strategies on relevant industry topics before the main event begins. This year, the Preconference will feature a new and improved version of our popular Business Incubation Management (BIM) Certificate Program, as well as the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Design Bootcamps. The courses designated as part of InBIA’s NewCo Academy certify participants as instructors of those topics and include access to all the necessary tools and materials. All other courses are designed to help attendees become experts in hyper-focused topics. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring your professional development to the next level!

*All Preconference courses are an additional fee beyond main conference registration and include continental breakfast and lunch.

Course Offerings

Entrepreneurship Center Management Certificate Program

At the ICBI32 Preconference, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in InBIA’s latest edition of our renowned Business Incubation Management (BIM) Certificate Program, now named the Entrepreneurship Center Management Certificate Program, as it represents the development of centers that provide entrepreneurial support of different types, not just incubators. Participants are required to take four courses to complete the program, and major topics covered in the courses will include imperative entrepreneurship center development and sustained operational guidance such as (but not limited to):

  • Basics of entrepreneurial ecosystem development and how to properly position your center
  • Marketing to potential clients
  • Ideal executive management and/or coaching staff
  • Initial and follow-on fundraising
  • Building targeted programming/services for clients
  • Identifying, and then acquiring facility and other tangible assets for clients
  • Developing pricing models for clients
  • Setting graduation policies

The adapted content features several new components to the program, most notably in the courses’ complementary resource library, available on InBIA’s Exchange community, which is exclusive to members and course participants. In this library, attendees will gain unprecedented access to a wide array of case studies, templates, samples of agreements and models, resource handouts or guides for entrepreneurs, financial plan templates, and much more.

The four courses of the certificate program will be provided in a live classroom setting during the Preconference portion of ICBI32, April 21-22, 2018. These courses are designed so that they do not need to be taken in any particular order. The content for each course takes a full day to cover, so attendees will be limited to taking only two of the courses. If you have started the certificate program during a previous event or online, please contact our Education Department as soon as possible at [email protected].


NewCo Academy Courses

InBIA’s NewCo Academy offers courses designed to “Train the Trainer,” assisting entrepreneurship center managers with the most current industry knowledge and tools in a variety of topics that directly support client startups. Think of it as turnkey programming solutions for your organization, with all the instructions and materials you need to begin offering the course immediately. Participants of the NewCo Academy courses are acknowledged as official instructors of each course they complete and provided with the ability to facilitate this entrepreneur-facing curriculum in their own facilities.


Specialty Courses

Specialty courses appeal to those at all experience levels and focus on hyper-specific topics. These courses allow you to build on your experience according to your unique needs, enhancing your professional toolkit by helping you stay abreast of current best practices.

Course Details

Build your ICBI32 Preconference experience with InBIA’s selected courses below


Available Courses Saturday April 21st:

ECM Course #1: Fostering Your Entrepreneurship Center’s Role in Your Community

Saturday, April 21  |  8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

This course begins with a baseline lesson plan around Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development 101. Attendees will learn how their existing or new centers will fit within the greater context of their communities’ existing assets while meeting gaps identified by funders and entrepreneurs. Once clear differentiations and value propositions to the communities are established, attendees will develop or refine their business models. Additional topics from these elements will then move on to potential client targeted outreach campaigns, community relations with a number of stakeholders, setting graduation criteria, and the development of critical metrics/key performance indicators.


ECM Course #3: Building Profitable Programs That Serve Entrepreneurs

Saturday, April 21  |  8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

This course enables entrepreneurship center managers to implement best practices from throughout the industry to ensure their center is providing high-impact programs and services. This course focuses on the development and deployment of relevant services and programs to various target client portfolios (i.e. sector-specific, focused on a particular demographic, etc.), as well as how to establish effective resource or mentor networks. Program managers will be able to show stakeholders and potential clients the connection between the services they offer and the value they provide startups. They will also learn how to properly allocate resources across programs to aid companies in various stages and receive an introduction on how to set up various small business fund mechanisms.


NewCo Academy Course: The Business Model Canvas/Value Proposition Design Bootcamp*

Saturday, April 21  |  8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The Business Model Canvas is an entrepreneurial staple and global standard used by millions of people in companies of all sizes. You can use the Business Model Canvas to easily help startup founders describe, design, challenge, and pivot their business models. It works in conjunction with the Value Proposition Canvas and other strategic management and execution tools and processes. This workshop features curriculum developed specifically for InBIA by Alex Osterwalder’s team at Strategyzer (the creators of The Business Model Canvas) and certifies all participants to teach this curriculum.



Specialty Course: Building Successful University Entrepreneurship Centers

Saturday, April 21  |  8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

This course will provide the knowledge and tools to create a robust, successful entrepreneurial ecosystem within a university environment. Topics will include appropriate tech transfer models, best practices in migrating research from the lab bench to the market, and leveraging regional resources to support university startups. Attendees will also learn about a  variety of granting, donor/sponsorship, and self-funding models, especially from know-how or licensed intellectual property. Finally, attendees will work through exercises to help identify the best staff for their centers, while also finding student or other talent throughout the university community to  help with technology commercialization.


Specialty Course: An Ecosystem Development Workshop: Build your Community Framework to Accelerate Regional Collaboration
Saturday, April 21  |  
8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Continuing the partnership forged last year between InBIA and CO.STARTERS, this course will help participants create or refine their communities’ entrepreneurship roadmaps through a number of exclusively developed exercises and proven tools, drawing on the experience of leading regional innovation ecosystem developers. Course leaders will guide attendees through every aspect of the development of their roadmaps, including stakeholder/asset mapping (community discovery), program vetting and deployment planning, and early  assessment resources (community health check-up). Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind,  immersive workshop for entrepreneurship centers interested in deepening their connections with their local ecosystems.

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Available Courses Sunday April 22nd:

ECM Course #2: Finance and Operations for Sustainable Entrepreneurship Centers

Sunday, April 22  |  8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

This course helps entrepreneurship center managers find the right mix of diverse funding sources to best keep operations running smoothly and sustainably. Participants will learn about and receive sample templates of member/tenant, private corporate sponsor/donor, and self-funding models, in addition to introductory content on how to tackle grant or other government funding pursuits. Attendees will also learn to develop or refine their budgets to meet their major operational expenses. Major operations topics include methodologies for onboarding and tracking the progress of clients, best practices for maintaining client/tenant interactions, and how to create documentation around these concepts. Finally, course attendees will work through the creation of staffing plans and learn employee retention tactics.

ECM Course #4: Positioning your Center for Community Impact

Sunday, April 22  |  8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

No matter where in the world your center is located, if you have or are planning to have an entrepreneurship center with a brick and mortar facility, this course will teach you how to select, manage, and maximize your site. Topics covered include best practices for site selection, necessary facility specifications, operational agreements, furniture/fixture/equipment (FF&E) selection and budgeting, maintenance, and service contracting. Course participants will have access to sector-specific catalogs of recommendations from experienced peers, ensuring they meet the specific needs of cleantech, biotech, ICT, advanced manufacturing, and other types of. companies, enabling them to high growth through the use of shared capital equipment. The course will also provide tips on how space design and layout can maximize program revenues and how building systems can save energy. Participants will be able to outline standard maintenance and operations procedures, outsourcing, contracts, and other practices for a multi-company facility. ***NOTE: Entrepreneurship center staff who are not developing centers with brick and mortar facilities, can replace this course with an elective from the Specialty course catalogue to complete their certificates.

NewCo Academy Course: Customer Development Strategies Using Lean Startup*

Sunday, April 22  |  8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The Customer Development Strategies Using Lean Startup course helps entrepreneurs develop effective customer development strategies by becoming a certified facilitator of this course. Also developed exclusively for InBIA by Alex Osterwalder’s team at Strategyzer, this curriculum outlines several proven strategies that use the Lean Startup methodology to validate customer needs in a way that minimizes risk while optimizing cash flow. By the end of the course, you will have a firm grasp of these strategies and be ready to use them to help entrepreneurs improve the success of their companies. Having access to all the materials will allow you to start offering your own trainings immediately.

Specialty Course: Entrepreneurship Center Revenue and Grant Strategies

Sunday, April 22  |  8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

This highly valuable course is a must-do for any level of entrepreneurship center manager. Led by an industry veteran who has fostered sustainable incubators and entrepreneurial ecosystems, attendees will learn tips, tricks, and fundraising insights sure to bring in income. Attendees will walk through a number of business models as well as winning award proposals of millions of dollars. The course includes resources including grant templates, awarded proposals, samples, guides for successful revenue streams, sponsorship packets, standard clienty equity requests, and more, all of which will be available in the Exchange community long after the course is over.

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*Please note: The Business Model Canvas/Value Proposition Design Bootcamp for Entrepreneurship Programs and Customer Development Strategies Using Lean Startup are complementary courses – you are not required to take both, but each enhances the other, so registering for both is encouraged.

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