Preconference Training

April 13 & 14, 2019

Join us early to take advantage of in-depth trainings on specialized topics, industry-specific certificate courses, and train-the-trainer bootcamps that will certify you to teach popular entrepreneurship skills and strategies.


Entrepreneur-Serving Professional Development

Prior to the start of the main conference, take advantage of the in-depth training available during Preconference. The Entrepreneurship Center Management (ECM) Certificate Courses provide credit toward professional certification, the NewCo Academy Courses certify participants to teach the content to entrepreneurs, and the other courses are designed to help attendees become experts in hyper-focused topics. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring your professional development to the next level!

Entrepreneurship Center Management Certificate Course
Two of the four courses of the certificate program will be provided in a live classroom setting during the Preconference portion of ICBI33, April 13-14, 2019. These courses are designed so that they do not need to be taken in any particular order. The content for each course takes a full day to cover, so attendees will be limited to taking only two of the courses. If you have started the certificate program during a previous event or online, please contact our Education Department as soon as possible at [email protected].

NewCo Academy Courses
InBIA’s NewCo Academy offers courses designed to “Train the Trainer,” assisting entrepreneurship center managers with the most current industry knowledge and tools in a variety of topics that directly support client startups. Think of it as turnkey programming solutions for your organization, with all the instructions and materials you need to begin offering the course immediately. Participants of the NewCo Academy courses are acknowledged as official instructors of each course they complete and provided with the ability to facilitate this entrepreneur-facing curriculum in their own facilities.

Specialty Courses
Specialty courses appeal to those at all experience levels and focus on hyper-specific topics. These courses allow you to build on your experience according to your unique needs, enhancing your professional toolkit by helping you stay abreast of current best practices.


*All Preconference courses are an additional fee beyond main conference registration and include continental breakfast and lunch.

Course Offerings

Developing and Maintaining a Successful Mentoring Program

Saturday, April 13
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Providing the right mentors for your clients will help improve the impact of your entrepreneurship program. This pre- conference will guide you through the fundamentals on picking, training and retaining the right mentors as well as methodologies for screening clients, making the optimal matches and evaluating the mentors and the outcome. The curriculum for this session is based on many years of practical experience on managing mentoring programs for startups. As attendee you will walk away with a clear strategy to launch or adjust your own program avoiding the pitfalls which most mentoring programs face.
Trainer: Thomas Hordam, Business Developer, DTU – Technical University of Denmark, and Co-Founder, Mentoring Startups, University of Denmark


Entrepreneurship Center Management Course #1: Fostering Your Entrepreneurship Centers Role in the Community

Saturday, April 13
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 pm.

This course begins with a baseline lesson plan around Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development 101- attendees will learn how their existing or new centers will fit within the greater context of their communities’ existing assets while meeting gaps identified by funders and entrepreneurs. Once clear differentiations and value propositions to the communities are established, attendees will develop or refine their business models. Additional topics from these elements will then move on to potential client targeted outreach campaigns, community relations with a number of stakeholders, setting graduation criteria, and the development of critical metrics/key performance indicators.
Trainer: Carol Lauffer, Principal, Business Cluster Development


NewCo Academy: Developing an Innovator Mindset

Saturday, April 13
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

As an entrepreneurship center manager, you are responsible for member and/or community programming.  Be among the vanguard of your peers offering unique programming by learning how to incorporate the popular Innovator Mindset tool for critical founder soft skill development. This fascinating resource—unlike traditional personality assessment tools—investigates and promotes innovation skills of any business leader. The focus of the first course in this two-part series is to develop the personal attributes of highly successful innovators and entrepreneurs. Prior to supporting their entrepreneurs, attendees will prepare themselves to explore and experiment how to arrive at the answers they need to build and/or sustain their businesses. Attendees will also learn how to help their entrepreneurs enhance their capacity to create, adapt, invent solutions, develop powerful intuitions, test their ideas, learn from experience, and gain new insights—all essential innovation skills.
Trainer: Dennis Stauffer, Founder, Innovator Mindset


Metrics That Matter

Sunday, April 14
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

This course is provided by “in-the-trenches” ESO managers just like you who have won federal funding awards where reporting strong, positive KPIs and organization success stories became a daily job requirement, and under a national spotlight – so we take the academic viewpoint out. They have understood the struggles of reporting fledgling or lower-than-expected revenue or investment secured by clients, ensuring the next wave of operations funding from local government entities now run by a new group of administrators/politicians, and fighting the battle of standing out in your local community when new ESOs crop up. Furthermore, this course enables ESOs to specifically address their individual and relevant concerns with ESOs similar to structure and scope in dynamic, facilitated breakout session activities.
Trainer: Andrea Wesser-Brawner, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships, InBIA


Entrepreneurship Center Management Course #2: Fostering Your Entrepreneurship Centers Role in the Community

Sunday, April 14
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

This course helps entrepreneurship center managers find the right mix of diverse funding sources to best keep operations running smoothly and sustainably. Participants will learn about and receive sample templates of member/tenant, private corporate sponsor/donor, and self-funding models, in addition to introductory content on how to tackle grant or other government funding pursuits. Attendees will also learn to develop or refine their budgets to meet their major operational expenses. Major operations topics include methodologies for onboarding, then tracking the progress of clients; best practices for maintaining client/tenant interactions; and how to create documentation around these concepts. Finally, course attendees will work through the creation of staffing plans and learn employee retention tactics.
Trainer: Chuck Wolfe, President, Claggett Wolfe Associates


NewCo Academy: Innovative Leadership

Sunday, April 14
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

This course was built from the popular innovation soft skill development resource – the Innovator Mindset. Be among the first of your peers to offer founder- or entrepreneur soft skill development. This content is ideal for any business leader but is especially useful in cultivating executives in technology or asset-based consumer product development small businesses such as CTOs, R&D, Engineering, Product Development or similar roles. The focus of the second course in this two-part series will be on fostering an innovator mindset further. Discover powerful interpersonal and organizational patterns that define the difference between successful innovation and getting trapped in the status quo. Participants will learn how to develop their clients into innovative leaders, and strengthen their ability to foster innovation in their organization and colleagues.
Trainer: Dennis Stauffer, Founder, Innovator Mindset


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