ICBI35 will include a variety of educational sessions and connection opportunities. Led by industry practitioners, most sessions fit into one of six tracks and include tools, strategies and resources relevant to entrepreneurial support professionals. The tracks include:

Sustainable Centers: Funding, Operations, Policies and More

This track will cover the nuts and bolts of running an entrepreneurship center, from securing program funding to managing a facility to working with stakeholders and more. Special focus is given to issues related to securing funding, maximizing revenue and other efforts related to ensuring program sustainability. 

Helping Startups Succeed

The primary goal of an entrepreneurship center is to help entrepreneurs successfully start new companies. This track will explore the most effective programs and services for achieving that purpose. Sessions will cover best practices for working with entrepreneurs to ensure their startups become viable businesses that contribute to local economies, including effective programming, funding assistance, coaching and more. 

Industry Trends and Innovation

Entrepreneurial support professionals from all over the globe come together for the InBIA conference to explore and discuss the latest ideas and trends in the industry. Sessions in this track highlight these current trends and identify the latest tools and strategies people are using to create successful programs. 

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Establishing and growing a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem is widely recognized as an important aspect of creating regional prosperity through new job growth. These sessions explore the elements and strategies for building successful entrepreneurial ecosystems in any community. 

Sector-Focused and Specialized Programming

Many entrepreneurship centers focus on specific industries and therefore have unique challenges and opportunities. Sessions in this track focus on different ones of these sectors, exploring best practices, effective strategies, and useful tools and resources. 

Bonus Track: Pandemic Adaptations and Economic Recovery Efforts

This is a critical time for local, national and global economies and the world starts to emerge from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic and works toward recovery. Some aspects of how people do life and business will be forever changed and the economic impacts of this crisis are likely to be long-lasting. This track will explore strategies centers can use to adapt to the new normal, information about funding and other resources, discussion about what the future might hold, and more. 

Full Agenda

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