2022 InBIA Awards

2022 InBIA Agenda


*Preconference workshops are separate from the main conference and have an additional fee associated with them.

**See below for descriptions of the four tracks. Detailed information about the sessions will be available soon.

***The tour is an optional add-on to the conference and has an additional charge associated with it. The full tour schedule will be available soon.

Session Tracks

Operational Excellence: Tool and Strategies for Running a Successful ESO

This track will cover the nuts and bolts of running an entrepreneur support organization, from establishing programs to working with stakeholders to managing a facility to measuring impact and more. Sessions will be relevant to various aspects of keeping an ESO running smoothly. Topics might include marketing, pricing, board relations, client recruitment, financial sustainability, advocacy, serving traditionally excluded communities, creating mentor networks, virtual programming, and more.

Show Me the Money: Funding for ESOs and Client Companies

Securing enough funding is a pain point many InBIA members report, both related to achieving financial sustainability for their programs and to helping startups have the resources they need to succeed. This track will cover a variety of topics related to funding, from identifying grants to diversifying revenue streams, to helping client companies navigate the process of securing investments. Topics could include specialized funding sources (e.g. SBIR/STTR), non-dilutive funding, leveraging grant opportunities, engaging with corporations, working with private foundations, pitch coaching, market analysis, attracting angel funding, and more.

Innovations, Trends and Special Focus

Entrepreneur support professionals from all over the globe come together for the InBIA conference to explore and discuss the latest ideas and trends in the industry. The sessions in this track will highlight these current trends and also look at programs that focus specifically on one area or demographic. Topics could include logistics and supply chain needs, manufacturing inclusion, innovative solutions to common challenges, how to differentiate your ESO, storytelling, diverse and inclusive programming, supporting specialized companies (biotechnology, software, food, etc.), and more.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

Establishing and growing a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem is widely recognized as an important aspect of creating regional prosperity through new job growth. These sessions will explore the elements and strategies for building successful entrepreneurship ecosystems in any community. Topics could include creating effective partnerships, ecosystem mapping, engaging community stakeholders, fostering local entrepreneurship culture, encouraging diversity and inclusion, creating sustainable ecosystem models, rural opportunities, and more.

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