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In the spirit of our founder and namesake, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation seeks to build inclusive prosperity through a prepared workforce and entrepreneur-focused economic development.

To create equitable, comprehensive, and sustainable change, we first listen to the communities in which we work, develop shared learning and knowledge, and bring people together. Through these collaborations, we champion ideas and support solutions designed to improve education, boost entrepreneurship, and help communities and individuals thrive.

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TUFF is a developer and advisor focused on creating vibrant physical environments for institutions of education and research.  Through careful consideration of institutional potential, TUFF develops facilities that are more than just buildings. They are communities of education and research that encourage economic growth and accelerate innovation.  To learn more visit www.tuff.org.

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The GrowthWheel framework is used to start structured conversations about a business, and helps the entrepreneur identify opportunities and challenges of the company. Avoid blind spots using the framework and identify the most important focus areas within your client’s business. Our wheel serves as the main checklist for what steps to take next.

Economic Impact Catalyst works with economic development organizations across the United States to build the tech-enabled infrastructure that accelerates entrepreneurship, facilitates small business assistance, connects the community, and measures the impact of entrepreneurial development. In addition to our SaaS platform, Startup Space, we provide data and surveys for our clients to understand their impact and drive policy.

From the beginning, CO.STARTERS pioneered a community-based approach to economic development. Beginning in 2008 in Chattanooga, Tennessee as part of a five-year revitalization effort called CreateHere. We recognized a growing need to provide business support. Today the CO.STARTERS network consists of thousands of success stories around the world.

The EcoMap is the first platform built specifically to meet the needs of all ecosystems at all stages of development.
From small business communities, to tech hubs, to entire industries, EcoMaps help people navigate, understand, and engage with the unique communities around them

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ClearMix is the first 100% remote video production company. We’re able to produce corporate videos for sales and marketing teams by filming guests anywhere in the world. Our professional producers handle every interview, ensuring high production value, and our editors create a polished product in 10 days or less, which helps our customers save time and money while creating videos to connect more closely with their audiences.

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Comcast NBCUniversal The Farm is an innovation hub that creates inclusive programs to support founders in Atlanta’s thriving small business ecosystem. We focus on founders because we’ve learned that the best products and services are those designed by excellent humans. Our sessions offer programming, coaching, and resources from Comcast NBCUniversal and our partners to help diverse entrepreneurs in Atlanta bring their concepts to life.


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