InBIA events are incredible opportunities for you to engage and collaborate with innovation ecosystem builders from all around the world. Our events are designed to demonstrate and showcase the most up-to-date and best practices in entrepreneur support across a variety of industries and disciplines. Below are three upcoming events you will not want to miss!

FoodBIN Conference

September 13 – 14, 2017

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ.

InBIA, in partnership with the Rutgers Food Innovation Center, is excited to announce the formation of the Food Business Incubation Network (FoodBIN), and InBIA’s first-ever Global FoodBIN Conference. This event is designed to celebrate the tremendous diversity that exists within food business incubation programs around the world. Learn about best practices for servicing the food entrepreneurs in your community, region, state or nation from more than twenty speakers who will present their programs in “bite-sized” presentations. Powerful leaders from the food industry will also discuss industry trends and challenges that are shaping the future of our global food economy.

e.Builders Forum

September 28 – 29, 2017

Innovation Depot, Birmingham, AL. 

InBIA’s inaugural e.Builders Forum brings together advanced regional entrepreneurial ecosystem leaders for two days of extensive, deep dialogue surrounding critical topics around building entrepreneurial ecosystems in underserved communities. The mission of e.Builders Forum is to challenge the notion that entrepreneurial meccas – like Silicon Valley and Boston – are the only regions capable of supporting innovative companies that drive job creation and economic growth. This year’s e.Builders Forum is designed to celebrate the Appalachian region with Birmingham’s ecosystem as the focal point while utilizing Innovation Depot, one of the nation’s largest and most successful incubators, and to also provide a platform for advanced ecosystem builders to engage in a deep peer-driven dialogue surrounding advanced regionally-focused topics.

32nd International Conference on Business Incubation (ICBI32)

April 22 – 25, 2018

Sheraton Dallas, Dallas, TX

InBIA’s International Conference on Business Incubation is the largest gathering of entrepreneurial ecosystem leaders on the planet. At ICBI32, over 600 innovation builders from 42 countries will gather in Dallas, TX to discover the newest industry trends in business incubation and best practices for building entrepreneurial ecosystems across the globe. This is InBIA’s staple event and is one that you will not want to miss. ICBI32 will have over 50+ sessions of interactive workshops, panels, roundtable discussions, a unique line up of powerhouse keynote presenters. Most importantly, ICBI32 will provide a variety of invaluable networking functions and opportunities focused on open-source collaboration and the development of authentic and long-lasting partnerships.

Prior to the opening of the main conference, InBIA will host its notorious “Preconference” which consists of two days of all-day training courses that are selected from InBIA’s robust education and training curriculum. The Sunday before the main conference, InBIA will also host its infamous Business Incubation Global (BIG) Summit, an event dedicated to the global entrepreneurial landscape and the forging of international alliances.