Gold Membership

$695.00 / year

Gold Membership Subscription


Product Description

This is our most common membership level!


Below are the benefits of being a Gold Member:

  • Exclusive benefits for up to 6 people within your organization
  • Access to industry news and insider InBIA related information
  • 1 custom client case study per year and membership showcase through InBIA’s global network
  • 10% discount to our International Conference
  • 10% discount on all publications
  • Access to The Exchange, our online platform that allows you to:
    • collaborate with other InBIA members from around the world
    • have access to our Partner Perks Program (like Staples, HubSpot, Turnstone, UPS, and many more)
    • access templates, sample documents, curated content, and other resources
    • join communities with like-minded professional and subject-matter experts
    • find a mentor or community leader
  • Ability to apply for global recognition for our rigorous designation, accreditation and awards



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