Measuring Your Business Incubator’s Economic Impact: A Toolkit (PDF)


by Meredith Erlewine, NBIA Publications, 2007, redesigned 2017 (PDF, 28 pp.)

Collecting and reporting economic impact data can give you ammunition for fundraising, help you track your program’s performance, and let you add to the credibility of the incubation industry. If you’re not already tracking this data, start now — with the help of NBIA’s first-ever guide to collecting and disseminating economic impact information. You’ll find the rationale behind data collection, the 10 data points you should track, tips for ensuring cooperation from clients and graduates, advice on how to crunch the numbers, and suggestions for ways to get the news out to stakeholders and the public. Separate surveys for clients and graduates and a sample spreadsheet for data collection are also included. NBIA thanks Southern California Edison for its support of this publication.

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