The Food Business Incubation Network

The Food Business Incubation Network (FoodBIN) is a global network of food incubators, accelerators, and shared-use kitchens, developed in partnership with the USDA and the Rutgers Food Innovation Center.

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Our mission is to serve as the world’s leading voice for advancing best practices in food business innovation and incubation

The global food industry is evolving and growing rapidly. Over the last decade, there has been a significant increase in the development of food business incubation centers as entrepreneurs have created many new startup businesses due to consumer demand for more local and specialty food options. In addition, there has been signifiant investment from the corporate and venture capital community, with billions of dollars invested over the past few years in food startups. As a result of this growing demand in the food economy, business incubators, accelerators, and shared-use kitchens are providing critically-needed services that contribute to the success of food entrepreneurs and their local/regional economies.

The FoodBIN Network is designed to celebrate the diversity in food incubation programs and serve as the primary resource and the world’s leading voice for advancing best practices in food business innovation and incubation; and identifying programs, services, funding sources, and partnerships that can maximize impacts to food and agribusinesses within regional economies worldwide.

The FoodBIN Network has been developed in partnership with:

Member Benefits

Global Collaboration


InBIA offers FoodBIN members exclusive access to their very own private community inside of the “Exchange”, InBIA’s member-only online community platform where individuals from around the world can connect and collaborate across boarders and timezones. In this robust platform you will find:

  • A virtual network of food industry thought leaders sharing their ideas, strategies, successes, and resources
  • Direct connections and access to other FoodBIN members from around the world
  • The latest announcements on available grants and other funding opportunities

The Exchange also features webinars on a variety of food business incubation topics inside of the FoodBIN community library. 

Food Resources and Education


InBIA and the Rutgers Food Innovation Center have partnered with The Specialty Food Association in order to build a robust catalogue of food related resources and educational materials. FoodBIN members will soon have access to the Specialty Food Association’s training courses for food manufacturers, as well as access to InBIA’s online training course, “Building Sustainable Food Incubators and Accelerators.” Together, The Specialty Food Association, the Rutgers Food Innovation Center, and InBIA are also providing FoodBIN members access to their rich library of resources, some of which include:

  • The latest in food trends and a glossary of terminology
  • Reports on food safety and best practices in manufacturing
  • Downloadable white papers
  • Information on FSMA and other food safety classes required for food processors, importers, and others
  • Pertinent industry news regarding food trends and technologies, and investor activity in the marketplace

Discounts & Recognition


FoodBIN members automatically receive special discounts on InBIA’s online training course, “Building Sustainable Food Incubators and Accelerators,” all of InBIA’s publications, and a special member-discount to InBIA’s International Conference on Business Incubation.  

Additionally, we love to showcase our members! There are a variety of showcasing opportunities available to FoodBIN members, some of which include:

  • Eligibility for public relations spotlight in InBIA’s monthly newsletter
  • Opportunity to contribute as a guest author on InBIA’s blog
  • Opportunity to co-host a webinar presentation
  • The possibility of being highlighted on InBIA’s social media platforms (which has over 8K+ followers across all digital channels!)



How do you know if FoodBIN is the right network for you?

FoodBIN has been designed to support the following types of organizations. If you represent one of these organizations, please join us!

  • Food Incubators, Accelerator Programs, and Shared-Use Kitchen Operations
  • Food industry corporations searching for new models for innovation and potential partners in their Open Innovation process
  • Food industry investors seeking access to high-growth companies, that are member companies of our world’s leading incubation programs
  • Food Industry suppliers and service providers looking to access global innovation programs and their respective clients
  • Economic Development Organizations and Government Agencies looking to develop and enhance food entrepreneurship in their communities


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Join the network today for only $149/year! This option is available to anyone who is not already a full InBIA member. If you are interested in the FoodBIN network only, and not InBIA’s broader global network, this is the perfect option for you.

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Free! / YEAR

For current full InBIA members, this option is available to you for free! If you are not currently an InBIA member and are interested in joining the broader network to receive complimentary access to FoodBIN, please click here.

“The heart of a true business incubation program is the ongoingpersonalized, and comprehensive services that are provided to clients. By following best practices, an incubator will customize its mission, clients targeted, services provided, and infrastructure that is required in order to integrate its program into the fabric of the community and the broader economic development goals of the region. A best practice incubator will provide the expertise, networks, tools, and a social capital environment that will dramatically enhance the success of a new entrepreneurial venture.” – Lou Cooperhouse, Executive Director, Rutgers Food Innovation Center, in presentation to US House of Representatives Committee on Small Business

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Food incubation programs continue to prove especially helpful to food-based entrepreneurs as they navigate the maze of regulations, best food practices, packaging, go-to-market strategies, as well as other topics specific to food entrepreneurs.

In simpler times, it wasn’t uncommon for start-up food companies to launch from a restaurant kitchen or even a garage — literally — with distribution from a borrowed truck or a van.

Today’s business environment is more complex and the barriers to entry are higher, which is why food incubation programs are continuing to become critical to the success of food entrepreneurs. Interested in learning more about the food incubation landscape? Enter your email address below to receive your free copy of our downloadable white paper!

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Founding FoodBIN Members

These 25 organizations, located across North America and around the globe, are the founding member organizations in FoodBIN.

Campbell Soup Company

CAFRE Food Business Incubation Center

Food Starter

Makerere University Food Business Incubator


Union Kitchen

Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet)

Canada’s Smartest Kitchen


Maui Food Innovation Center

Specialty Food Association

University of Minnesota Food & Nutrition Innovation Institute

Artisan’s Exchange

Cornell Food Venture Center

La Cocina Community Kitchen

Oregon State University Food Innovation Center

Square Roots

University of Nebraska Lincoln – Food Processing Center

Brooklyn FoodWorks

Federal Republic of Nigeria, Ministry of Agriculture

LSU AgCenter Food Incubator

Rutgers Food Innovation Center

The Hatchery Chicago

Wandering Cooks

World Bank Group

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FoodBIN is a global network of food incubators, accelerators, and shared-use kitchens with the mission to serve as the world’s leading voice for advancing best practices in food business innovation and incubation; and identifying programs, services, funding sources, and partnerships that can maximize impacts to food and agribusinesses within regional economies worldwide. Join this network today and contribute to the dialogue and growth of a sustainable, global food economy!

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