We are a global community of entrepreneurial ecosystem builders

InBIA members are passionate leaders who help entrepreneurs transform their dreams from possibilities to prosperity. They are located all over the globe in both urban and rural communities, operating in both developed and emerging economies, working with both the privileged and the underserved, journeying hand-in-hand with a total of more than 30,000 startups. These companies and aspiring entrepreneurs are solving some of the world’s most urgent problems, improving quality of life and making our communities better – more resilient, more inclusive and more prosperous. I am so proud to serve this community of committed professionals.” -Charles Ross, InBIA President & CEO

Our members spearhead economic growth in their communities

Incubators &
Entrepreneurship Centers

Entrepreneurship centers in our network include incubators, accelerators, small business development centers (SBDC’s), and other organizations. These centers support startup companies in rural, urban, and developing countries around the world.


The explosion of coworking and makerspaces has created a renaissance era in shared workspaces. Shared spaces enable diverse groups of entrepreneurs, remote workers, and other independent professionals to share resources, knowledge, and networks.

Entrepreneurship Centers

Our network of universities are critical for the commercialization and incubation of startups. Some of the more prominent industries include “deep tech” fields like biotech, clean energy, and advanced manufacturing, which are led by students and researchers that leverage university labs and resources to launch their companies.

Government & Economic Development Organizations

EDO’s and government policy makers are quickly realizing that startups and small businesses drive job creation faster than large corporations. The rise of innovation districts and investment in entrepreneurial economic development is critical for job creation and economic prosperity.

Member Perks

Global Collaboration


Through “I-Connect,” our interactive online platform where members can collaborate, create communities, share resources, ideas, and relevant content, members can easily connect with one another across borders, time zones and industries.

I-Connect is consistently updated with new resources including downloadable whitepapers, easy-to-access templates, sample documents, course content from InBIA’s training and educational program, economic impact reports, and webinars prepared by industry influencers who speak on a variety of industry-related topics.

I-Connect also features webinars on a variety of topics across multiple industries.



Members automatically receive special discounts on all InBIA services and programs, and can save thousands of dollars on special services, products, and programs. Many of these discounts are also available to member clients and graduates as a way to support start-ups with limited operational budgets. 



We love to feature our members in a variety of ways ranging from our newsletter through our blog, and formal awards banquet hosted at our annual International Conference. Many members find real value in this recognition because it not only highlights their success, but also provides them with additional exposure outside of their traditional network.

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Membership Levels


$1200 / YEAR

The membership level that packs the most value, 12 individuals per organization are eligible to receive member benefits.


$695 / YEAR

The most common membership level, 6 individuals per organization are eligible to receive member benefits.


$525 / YEAR

This membership allows eligibility for 3 individuals per organization to receive member benefits.


InBIA Network Membership

Elevate your impact with InBIA’s Network Membership, designed for network and program managers seeking to bolster programs and entrepreneur support partners. Our mission is to work with you to enable the success of entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs) in your community.



Through InBIA’s network membership you can…

    • Build your program and the capacity of your entrepreneur support organization partners
    • Identify opportunities for program improvement and differentiation
    • Benchmark against peer organizations and regions
    • Achieve global recognition of your program and for your entrepreneur support organization partners
    • Access analytics to build your case for program support
    • Connect with and learn from colleagues in the public and not for profit sectors


Membership Includes:

  • InBIA membership benefits for program staff and entrepreneur support organization partners
  • Customized access to primary research
  • Exclusive and dedicated access to InBIA’s I-Connect online community platform
  • Discounted pricing for all InBIA services and products
  • Dedicated access to InBIA Staff

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Our members are constantly innovating, and we love to feature them in a variety of ways ranging from our newsletter through our social media platforms, blog, and formal awards banquet hosted at our annual International Conference. Many of our members find significant value in this recognition because it not only highlights their achievements and success, but also provides them with unprecedented exposure outside of their traditional networks.

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