We provide a variety of different resources to help those working in or leading programs that help entrepreneurs. These resources are a mix of industry terms, assessments, consultant directories, domestic and international incubation associations, industry job opportunities and more. Most importantly, many of these resources are free!

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The ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape has resulted in a rapid evolution of entrepreneurial support models. Current models include incubation, acceleration, coworking, mix-use, blended models (which we refer to as super hubs), and others. Historically, InBIA has been the go-to resource for operational definitions and other terms and has set the standard for identifying the varying models of entrepreneurial centers.

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InBIA Consultants Directory

Incubation industry consultants are InBIA association members with specialized experienced in building incubator and accelerator programs. The consultant directory is a free resource that we provide for anyone interested in launching entrepreneurial programs. If you need assistance with feasibility studies, marketing communications and economic impact reports, we’ve provided a list of industry consultants that would be happy to help coach and guide your program.

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For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs help advance the global society at astounding rates. However, many start-ups fail to survive the first year due to lack of guidance and support to cultivate their ideas into a sustainable business. We recommend entrepreneurs find and enter an incubator, accelerator or another related program to help assure their dreams of success are realized. Historically, our members report that 87% of their graduates remain in business at least three years after completing the program.

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The IMPACT Index is a survey we designed that measures the economic impact incubators, accelerators, coworking spaces and entrepreneurship centers have in communities across the United States. As a valued member of your region’s entrepreneurial community, we would like to invite you to participate. Survey responses will be utilized to create a database that generates tracking of performance metrics across comparable programs.

Goals of the IMPACT Index 

  • Performance – Comparatively benchmark your center’s performance across a broad range of program models, performance metrics and demographics
  • Reporting – Develop custom performance reports for your investors and stakeholders based on a robust national dataset
  • Marketing – Incorporate validated impact data in your marketing campaigns
  • Industry Trends – Identify new models and trends in entrepreneurial ecosystems

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