2018 Summer Training Academy

When: July 19 - 20, 2018

Come for two days of educational workshops from InBIA’s Training Academy, then stay for a fun weekend in sunny Orlando, FL!

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Where: Winter Park, FL

Venue: StarterStudio, Winter Park Orlando

About the Training Academy

The Training Academy (formerly known as InBIA’s Training Institute), is a two-day, live training program that provides entrepreneur-serving professionals with the latest information, tools, and resources to enhance and improve daily operations of your entrepreneurial program offerings. The Training Academy features live versions of  InBIA’s signature courses from the Entrepreneurship Center Management Certificate Program and NewCo Academy Catalog. The NewCo Academy provides participants with the ability to facilitate entrepreneur-facing bootcamps or workshops; these courses provide turn-key programming solutions for you to use as a resource for your startup founders and community. 

While the majority of InBIA’s curriculum is online, we’re bringing these particular courses to a live setting since these topics are even more valuable when taken with peers for collaboration and peer-to-peer learning.

Course Offerings

NewCo Academy: Developing an Innovator Mindset

NewCo Academy: Thursday, July 19 (8:30am – 4:30pm)

As an entrepreneurship center manager, you are responsible for member and/or community programming.  Be among the vanguard of your peers offering unique programming by learning how to incorporate the popular Innovator Mindset tool for critical founder soft skill development. This fascinating resource – unlike traditional personality assessment tools – investigates and promotes innovation skills of any business leader.

The focus of the first course in this two-part series, develops the personal attributes of highly successful innovators and entrepreneurs. Attendees will prepare themselves, prior to supporting their entrepreneurs, to explore and experiment how to arrive at the answers they need to build and/or sustain their businesses.

Learn how to help your entrepreneurs enhance their capacity to create, adapt, invent solutions, develop powerful intuitions, test their ideas, learn from experience and gain new insights—all essential innovation skills.


Key takeaways & resources:

Participants will have access to these resources in the Developing an Innovator Mindset course:

  • Access to a set of exclusive innovation tools to help your clients address real world problems and challenges
  • Shift your entrepreneurs’ mindset in ways that dramatically boost their ability to create value
  • Distinguish patterns of thinking and behavior that enhance innovativeness, from those that undermine it
  • Dramatically improve the effectiveness and probability of success for any new venture or initiative

*Please note:  Developing an Innovator Mindset and Innovative Leadership are complementary courses and best taken consecutively – you are not required to take both, but each enhances the other, so registering for both is highly encouraged

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Entrepreneurship Center Management Course 1: Fostering Your Center’s Role for Community Impact

Certificate Course: Thursday, July 19 (8:30am – 4:30pm)

This course begins with a baseline lesson plan around Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development 101- attendees will learn how their existing or new centers will fit within the greater context of their communities’ existing assets while meeting gaps identified by funders and entrepreneurs. Once clear differentiations and value propositions to the communities are established, attendees will develop or refine their business models.

Additional topics from these elements will then move on to potential client targeted outreach campaigns, community relations with a number of stakeholders, setting graduation criteria, and the development of critical metrics/key performance indicators.

Tools and key takeaways:

  • Understanding placement and avoiding overlaps for your entrepreneurship center’s programs/services within your local ecosystem
  • Tool for community asset mapping and how that drives your value proposition
  • Development of core values for the entrepreneurship center
  • Tool for conducting a SWOT analysis
  • Client recruitment including application and selection process samples from established centers
  • Marketing tactics
  • Master list of possible Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your entrepreneurship center’s metrics tracking

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Innovation Leadership

NewCo Academy: Friday, July 20 (8:30am – 4:30pm)

Again, this course was built from the popular innovation soft skill development resource – the Innovator Mindset. Be among the first of your peers to offer founder- or entrepreneur soft skill development. This content is ideal for any business leader but is especially useful in cultivating executives in technology or asset-based consumer product development small businesses such as CTOs, R&D, Engineering, Product Development or similar roles.

The focus of the second course in this two-part series will be on fostering an innovator mindset further. Are you encouraging innovative thinking in the way you lead and coach others? Learn how to promote a mindset that enables people to adapt to change.

Discover powerful interpersonal and organizational patterns that define the difference between successful innovation and getting trapped in the status quo. Building on the personal innovativeness explored on the first day, you will discover strategies for creating a climate of innovation. In many organizations, well-intended processes and policies actively discourage innovative thinking and behaviors, yet leadership style can be a powerful tool for advancing your clients’ innovation agendas, improving alignment and enhancing agility.

Participants will learn how to develop their clients into innovative leaders, and strengthen their ability to foster innovation in their organization and colleagues.

Key takeaways:

  • Recognize what makes people more or less innovative and how you can shift those patterns
  • Adjust your leadership style to promote an innovator mindset in others
  • Proactively gather feedback, and gain high value insights
  • Use strategic questioning to guide discussions, strategy and decision making
  • Improve organizational alignment, enhance agility, and reduce unnecessary conflict

*Please note:  Developing an Innovator Mindset and Innovative Leadership are complementary courses and best taken consecutively – you are not required to take both, but each enhances the other, so registering for both is highly encouraged

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Entrepreneurship Center Management Course 2: Finance and Operations for Sustainable Entrepreneurship Centers

Certificate Course: Friday, July 20 (8:30am – 4:30pm)

This course helps entrepreneurship center managers find the right mix of diverse funding sources to best keep operations running sustainably. Then, the remainder of the course focuses on operational expenses and how to set up a smooth operations – including how to engage with clients, support relationships with external stakeholders, and how maintain a high performing staff.

Major operations topics covered includes methodologies for onboarding, then tracking the progress of clients; best practices for maintaining client/tenant interactions; and how to create documentation around these concepts. Finally, course attendees will work through the creation of staffing plans and learn employee retention tactics.

Templates and key takeaways:

  • Pricing structures for membership and/or other offerings, as well as samples of self-funding models
  • Sample templates of member/tenant agreements
  • Samples of established centers’ corporate sponsorship documents, as well as a template kit to develop your own sponsorship packet
  • Sample grant or other government funding pursuits from winning centers, as well as templates
  • Budget templates, as well as samples from established centers

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All Training Academy courses are $650/course for non InBIA members, and $500/course for InBIA members.

Participants in each course will receive  ready-to-go templates to use as turn-key programming solutions.

Venue & City Events


Nestled in the Douglas Grand building, just one block away from Park Avenue and footsteps away from the Sunrail Station, StarterStudio Winter Park is a non-profit super hub for tech startups. The address is: 101 S New York Ave #201, Winter Park, FL 32789.

City Events

There’s much more to Orlando than roller coasters, theme parks and Disney World (although, that’s pretty great too). Orlando has a surging entrepreneurial and tech scene and a bustling center of commerce with a diverse set of industries, award-winning restaurants, first-rate hotels, fantastic shopping and more.

We encourage you to come to the Training Academy, then stay for the weekend! Click here to learn more about everything else happening in Orlando, and here to learn more about Orlando’s downtown scene.

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