InBIA’s Training and Educational Program is truly the only one of its kind. Our comprehensive set of courses provides 360-degree insight into the best practices for building sustainable entrepreneurship programs. 

Education your way

All courses are practitioner-based and taught by industry veterans with years of extensive experience in designing and building sustainable entrepreneurship programs. Courses are offered either online or in person at our events hosted around the globe in a more formal classroom setting.

The leading source for industry-specific training

Educational Pillar

Education is one of the pillars of our organization. We believe a well-informed staff is the cornerstone of a successful entrepreneurial program, so we are committed to providing quality trainings and educational resources. For more than 30 years, we have worked with current industry experts and performed top-notch research studies to provide our audience with the most up-to-date professional information and tools they can implement at their programs immediately.

Global Training

We have an international reputation for educational excellence, and we’re proud to have brought our Certificate Program to over 60 countries. Each year, nations from all over the world ask us to bring our training program to them. We work with each region individually to ensure the information is relevant to their audiences and useful within the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Professional Credibility

People who participate in our trainings gain an invaluable level of credibility in the industry. Our Certificate Program is recognized around the globe as the standard for industry knowledge and expertise.

Entrepreneurship Center Management Certificate

Our Entrepreneurship Center Management Certificate (ECM) program has been the premier industry credential for staff of incubators, accelerators, coworking spaces, and other entrepreneurship centers for the last decade. The program involves a four-course curriculum and series of exams. Regardless of whether you’re a 30-year industry veteran or just starting out, the ECM certificate provides insights and lays the foundation for learning how to build and sustain a high-growth entrepreneurship program.  


NewCo Academy Courses

NewCo (short for New Company) Academy focuses on helping startup companies achieve success. These courses will give you the training and resources you need to teach specific concepts and tools to the entrepreneurs with whom you work. In addition to exclusive access to all the materials, you will receive a certificate to show you are a certified trainer of that course.

Specialty Courses

Specialty courses appeal to people at all experience levels and focus on hyper-specific topics. These courses allow you to build on your experience according to your unique needs, enhancing your professional toolkit by helping you stay abreast of current best practices.

Customized Training

Part of our mission is to strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystems across the globe, so we thrive on creating customized training for all program types in different geographic locations. We tailor the content to the specific cultural and demographic needs of a region.

For more information on customized training opportunities, please contact us.