NewCo Academy

InBIA’s NewCo Academy (built to support New Companies) offers courses designed to “Train the Trainer”, assisting entrepreneur support organization staff with the most current industry knowledge in a variety of topics that support your entrepreneurs directly. Think of it as turnkey programming solutions for your organization. 


NewCo Courses

We are excited to share that our new online format will include a number of templates and additional tangible resources to help you guide your clients towards success. These courses enable the participant to teach and/or coach any number of entrepreneurs in their own facilities, providing replicable programming options for his/her organization to host. All NewCo Academy courses are self-paced and available online for 8 weeks after the point of enrollment with supplementary content and materials. A faculty member will check into the InBIA’s Exchange, our interactive online community, every Friday to answer class questions.

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Available Courses

*Schedule is subject to change at the discretion of InBIA

Institutional/Equity Investment for Your Companies:

  • This course is now available! Covering many aspects of angel and venture capital fundraising, this course provides helpful due diligence and term sheets from actual deal flow. Click below to learn more about the course objectives and key takeaways.
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Pro Formas for Start-Ups:

  • This course covers how to build easy-to-follow and share documents to investors and management teams alike all while enabling your clients to diagnose their strengths and weaknesses within their own companies. Available online beginning June 26, 2017.

Non-Dilutive Funding Opportunities for Your Companies:

  • This course covers SBIR/STTR, other federal funding grants for R&D, non-profit grant funding, and other unique cash resources for your start-ups; provides templates, grant search assistance, and a grant writing and editing expert available in The Exchange for near-real-time support while you coach at least one client through your participation in the course.  Available online beginning July 28, 2017.

Understanding Competitive Landscape and Market Segmentation:

  • This course covers market research tips and basics so your clients do not break the bank utilizing expensive market research reports and firms. Available online beginning, August 28, 2017.

The Hunt for the Perfect Value Proposition:

  • This course covers coaching techniques and meaningful competitive strategies to help your clients unearth their product and/or team’s best features ideal for business development opportunities; includes video interview content from large strategic industry executives whose job is to find new solutions from small businesses. Available online beginning, September 25, 2017.

Building a Strong Operations Base:

  • This course covers coaching strategies and case studies to empower your clients to build a strong team and success corporate cultures. Available online beginning, October 23, 2017.

Establishing A Customer Pipeline:

  • This course covers basic sales techniques, lead generation strategies and go-to-market plans for your clients; includes templates and video interviews with some of the top sales executives of Fortune 1000 companies. Available online beginning, November 27, 2017.


All of the above courses with the exception of Non-Dilutive Funding Opportunities are priced as follows:

  • InBIA Members: $600/course

  • Non-Members: $750/course

Non-Dilutive Funding Opportunities Pricing:

  • InBIA Members: $1,500

  • Non-Members: $3,000

More exciting news expected for the NewCo Academy!

NewCo Academy Masters Certificate Bundle:

  • Any 6 courses from the above catalog, as well as new offerings made available, will designate the certificate holder as a NewCo Academy Master and will be:
    • a. Recognized by InBIA as a Master coach/supporter of entrepreneurs and;
    • b. Beginning Q3 of 2018, NewCo Academy Masters will have exclusive opportunities to be considered for other InBIA Training programs as certified coaches or trainers in upcoming initiatives

NewCo Academy Tech Trainers Certificate Bundle:

  • A select 4 courses (available Q2 of 2018) will recognize technology-specific start-up coaches and trainers with potential opportunities to be selected for future InBIA technology-founder specific programs to be released