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InBIA’s NewCo Academy (built to support New Companies) offers courses designed to “Train the Trainer,” assisting entrepreneur support organization staff with the most current industry knowledge in a variety of topics that support your entrepreneurs directly. Think of it as turnkey programming solutions for your organization. 


NewCo Courses

We are excited to share that our new online format will include a number of templates and additional tangible resources to help you guide your clients towards success. These courses enable the participant to teach and/or coach any number of entrepreneurs in their own facilities, providing replicable programming options for their organization to host. All NewCo Academy courses are self-paced and available online for 8 weeks after the point of enrollment with supplementary content and materials. A faculty member will check into the InBIA’s Exchange, our interactive online community, every Friday to answer class questions.

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Current Course Offerings

Available Online

Institutional/Equity Investment for Your Companies

The current course focuses on how to coach entrepreneurs to pursue equity-based investments from angel and venture capital entities. This course also provides the content and knowledge base to teach the Institutional/Equity Investment curriculum in your own center to offer as programming to your clients/tenants.  

Those who participate in this course will be provided with the basics and most current trends in equity-financing to teach startups who may be interested in pursuing investment opportunities. In particular, attendees will learn:

  • Different equity funding models and how to recommend which is appropriate depending on each company’s stage, financial needs, and other characteristics.
  • A knowledge of startup funding market trends by industry sector, regional influence, etc.
  • Standard templates and examples of successes and failures in securing funding for due diligence documentation, cap tables, term sheets, etc.
  • How to evaluate the appropriateness for of equity-based funding for a given company profile via a case study
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Course Objectives and Outline

  • To learn the difference between various equity-based investments for startup companies
  • To enable ESO staff and/or mentors to coach entrepreneurs toward fair and legally sound deal opportunities with investors
  • To enable ESO staff and/or mentors to coach entrepreneurs on investor expectations before, during, and after an investment engagement
  • To understand the basic components of pertinent investment documents between investors and entrepreneurs, such as due diligence checklists and reports, Articles of Organization equity shares, cap tables, term sheets, etc.


1.0: Stages of Investing

2.0: Exits

3.0: Angel Investor Basics

4.0: Venture Capital Basics

5.0: Accessing Equity Investors

6.0: Equity Investing & Terminology Specifics

Available Only by Custom Training

Non-Dilutive Funding Opportunities for Your Companies

Whether you represent a small to mid-sized for-profit business or a non-profit organization, finding funds without giving up equity or barely-there revenues is a major challenge. However, US agencies, state governments, and international private foundations have recognized that smaller entitiesnot Fortune 1000 companies—are the true innovation source of this country.  Granting organizations provide billions of dollars in grant opportunities to fund a variety of eligible small entities and their activities for product development, technology scale-ups, manufacturing, and/or customer demo installations/implementations. Come to this workshop to learn how to take advantage of federal and state grant funding so you can strengthen your organization’s talent and resources.

Those who participate in this course will learn about grant sources and trends they can convey to their entrepreneur clients. At the end of this course, you and your clients should be able to:

  • Successfully navigate the complex registration and submission processes of grants
  • Search for targeted grants currently available
  • Effectively produce a template and know how to properly fill in required grant forms
  • Build strong relationships with program managers  
  • Actually develop a grant to submit during this workshop

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Course Objectives and Outline

  • Learn about the many forms of non-dilutive funding opportunities that small businesses are eligible for
  • Be able to search large databases of grant opportunities for entrepreneurs to fund product development and/or customer deployments
  • Help entrepreneurs navigate complex grant pursuits, preparations, and submissions


  • Grant Basics: What types are out there, which groups are hosting them, what do they fund, who are eligible parties, etc.
  • Grant Searching: How to find topics you seek and some quick tips for regularly staying in touch with various funding agencies to make the process easier
  • Grant Registration/Access: Learn to navigate through and other registration processes for an assortment of funding sources
  • Grant Messaging and Organization: Learn about producing templates, how to message your content or others’ content in an effective manner, and how to maximize your potential to be awarded the proposal
  • Grant Development: Learn about various budgets, forms, and other federal/state requirements for grant proposals
  • Grant Submission: Learn how to submit a proposal and ensure it has made it to the funding agency without errors or rejections, etc.

Available Only by Custom Training

Pro Formas that Attract Investors

Financial modeling is often one of the most difficult areas for startups and small business owners. Yet it is a critical requirement for building sustainable revenue streams, attracting investment, and securing bank financing. Those who participate in this course will be provided with the basics and most current trends in equity-financing to teach startups who may be interested in pursuing investment opportunities.

Those who participate in this course will engage in higher level problem solving to:

  • Grasp a firm understanding to teach a company what is attractive and what is missing in their financials from a potential investor’s perspective.
  • Participant will able to identify how much investment money a company needs and describe how the investor will get a return on his/her investment.
  • Be able to accurately describe stock / vesting stock, stock options / vesting stock options and repurchase agreements for founders
  • Successfully master using templates for revenue and financial models from outside sources to to create consistent and robust financial statements

If interested in custom training, please email us at [email protected]

Course Objectives and Outline

  • To be able to identify the basic financial statements and what they mean to the investor.
  • To be able to outline a simple cash flow process for a startup company by determining the initial market, sales process and timeframe, expenses, and staffing.  
  • To be able to identify some types of Business Models: Manufacturer, Advertiser Data/Big Data, Merchant/Retailer, Brokerage, Commission
  • Identify a complete set of financials including 3 years of projections of cash flow, balance sheet and Income Statement
  • To be able to describe some of the tax considerations for company founders to later discuss in detail with their legal and accounting professionals
  • To be able to successfully understand and implement guidelines to identifying accounting, tax, and legal experts to counsel companies  

Current live course offerings

The Business Model Canvas/Value Proposition Design Bootcamp

The Business Model Canvas is an entrepreneurial staple and global standard used by millions of people in companies of all sizes. You can use the Business Model Canvas to easily help startup founders describe, design, challenge, and pivot their business models. It works in conjunction with the Value Proposition Canvas and other strategic management and execution tools and processes. This workshop features curriculum developed specifically for InBIA by Alex Osterwalder’s team at Strategyzer (the creators of The Business Model Canvas) and certifies all participants to teach this curriculum.


Customer Development Strategies Using Lean Startup

The Customer Development Strategies Using Lean Startup course helps entrepreneurs develop effective customer development strategies by becoming a certified facilitator of this course. Also developed exclusively for InBIA by Alex Osterwalder’s team at Strategyzer, this curriculum outlines several proven strategies that use the Lean Startup methodology to validate customer needs in a way that minimizes risk while optimizing cash flow. By the end of the course, you will have a firm grasp of these strategies and be ready to use them to help entrepreneurs improve the success of their companies. Having access to all the materials will allow you to start offering your own trainings immediately.


Developing an Innovator Mindset

As an entrepreneurship center manager, you are responsible for member and/or community programming.  Be among the vanguard of your peers offering unique programming by learning how to incorporate the popular Innovator Mindset tool for critical founder soft skill development. This fascinating resource—unlike traditional personality assessment tools—investigates and promotes innovation skills of any business leader. The focus of the first course in this two-part series is to develop the personal attributes of highly successful innovators and entrepreneurs. Prior to supporting their entrepreneurs, attendees will prepare themselves to explore and experiment how to arrive at the answers they need to build and/or sustain their businesses. Attendees will also learn how to help their entrepreneurs enhance their capacity to create, adapt, invent solutions, develop powerful intuitions, test their ideas, learn from experience, and gain new insights—all essential innovation skills.

Innovation Leadership

This course was built from the popular innovation soft skill development resource – the Innovator Mindset. Be among the first of your peers to offer founder- or entrepreneur soft skill development. This content is ideal for any business leader but is especially useful in cultivating executives in technology or asset-based consumer product development small businesses such as CTOs, R&D, Engineering, Product Development or similar roles. The focus of the second course in this two-part series will be on fostering an innovator mindset further. Discover powerful interpersonal and organizational patterns that define the difference between successful innovation and getting trapped in the status quo. Participants will learn how to develop their clients into innovative leaders, and strengthen their ability to foster innovation in their organization and colleagues.


*Pricing is subject to change for live events. Please check our event pages upcoming live training opportunities.

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All of the above courses are priced as follows:

  • InBIA Members: $600/course

  • Non-Members: $700/course
    PLEASE NOTE: All course prices are in $ USD

For general inquiries about our NewCo Academy, please contact our education department at [email protected].