Rural Incubation Lite Certificate

InBIA is excited to announce the pilot cohort of the Rural Incubation Success Strategies Lite Certificate Program which offers a proven method of creating replicable, successful strategies for small business development, storefront businesses, and high growth entrepreneurship centers in any rural community.


Online Course Format

The online Rural Incubation Lite Certificate Program takes an efficient three weeks to complete. This Lite certification has been specially designed to be entirely available online. The Rural Incubation Lite Certificate Program is webinar-led with two webinars each week that take place on Mondays and Wednesdays. Additionally, an hour each Friday is set aside with the instructor as an optional “office hour”. If you cannot attend the webinar live, the sessions are recorded and posted online in InBIA’s community forum, the Exchange platform. It is in the Exchange platform that you will network with classmates and the course instructor, as well as submit mandatory certificate assignments that must be completed in order to obtain credit for the course. Please also anticipate an online-test at the end of the course, to finalize in order to obtain your certificate.

Upcoming Rural Lite Webinar Schedule :

Monday, September 9 – 12:30pm – 2pm Eastern
Wednesday, September 11 – 12:30pm – 2pm Eastern
Monday, September 16 – 12:30pm – 2pm Eastern
Wednesday, September 18 – 12:30pm – 2pm Eastern
Monday, September 23 – 12:30pm – 2pm Eastern
Wednesday, September 25 – 12:30pm – 2pm Eastern

OPTIONAL Office Hours:

Friday, September 13 – 1PM – 2PM Eastern
Friday, September 20 – 1PM – 2PM Eastern
Friday, September 27 – 1PM – 2PM Eastern

Rural Lite Certificate Program Description

Rural Incubation Success Strategies Lite Certificate Program

InBIA is once again thrilled to provide the condensed version of the famous Technology Villages’ Rural Incubation Success Strategies Certificate Program. This curriculum has been used throughout the Southeastern US to encourage the development of thriving small business pipelines, storefront incubators, critical assets for entrepreneurs, and funding infrastructures necessary to help cultivate and sustain this pipeline in sparsely populated communities.

This online, webinar led, mini course program will be packed with pivotal content from the full certificate program and can be completed in three weeks.

There will be mandatory certificate earning activities as well as required reading during the course duration to obtain course credit. Once participants have successfully completed all mandatory certificate earning activities, they will receive the Lite Rural Success Strategies Certificate. At a later date, participants will be invited to take the full certificate program if they wish to learn further pertinent details, as well as interact with veterans of the program.


Course Objectives and Outline

  • Find and cultivate a strong pipeline of local company founders
  • Find initial local funding to build a brick-and-mortar facility and hire staff
  • Find and recruit a strong management/coaching team, as well as mentors
  • Build relationships with and coach students from a local academic institution
  • Build a base of community supporters and influencers
  • Raise follow-on funding from multiple sources for sustainability


Rural Lite Certificate Program:

$600 for members, $650 for nonmembers


Enroll in The Rural Lite Program!

About the Instructor:

Karl Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, Stirius Inc.

Mr. Kelly enjoys over thirty-five years of experience in technology-company and entrepreneurial development, marketing, technology transfer and product commercialization working in senior leadership positions in both corporate and startup companies. Specific personal entrepreneurial experience includes life sciences and aquaculture veterinary therapeutics. Karl created the Technology Villages program in 2009 that now supports rural and small town centers in South Carolina and Alabama. He consulted with over 100 emerging and established companies in biopharmaceuticals, energy, advanced materials, automotive, software, life sciences and medical devices.



For general inquiries about our Rural Lite Certificate Program, please contact our education department at [email protected].