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Executive Director, The Hatchery Chicago

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The Organization

The Hatchery Chicago (THC) was launched as a joint venture between two of Chicago’s most prominent nonprofits—Accion Chicago and the Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago (ICNC). The Hatchery meets major areas of need for food and beverage entrepreneurs: access to production and networking space, financing, expertise and networks—all under one roof.

From pre-concept to business acquisition, The Hatchery provides a full suite of customized services for Chicagoland food and beverage production entrepreneurs.  It does this in collaboration with a variety of public/private partners, each of which is invested in the goal of growing entrepreneurial activity in Chicago.  It seeks to be a one-stop shop for emerging consumer packaged goods (CPG) producers and other food and beverage related products and services.

The Hatchery anticipates more than 150 paying members including: more than 50 private tenants, more than 25 shared kitchen users and more than 50 at-large members.  Already operating as a “virtual” incubator, The Hatchery Chicago expects to open the doors on its new facility in late fall of 2018.

The Position 

Executive Director – The Hatchery Chicago Executive Director (ED) reports to The Hatchery Chicago board of directors.  The ED is responsible for executing the initial board approved business plan, further defining and executing the mission, and the goals for all stakeholders of the organization. The ED is responsible for building on the initial plan to establish and maintain where and how the organization will direct its mission; ensuring programs are developed and executed that best meet mission and financial goals; and gaining alignment among core constituents, especially the board of directors, around vision, mission, program, and financial direction of the organization. The ED ensures the necessary resources required by the organization are obtained so that its mission and goals are achieved.


The following program and staff functions report directly or indirectly to the ED:

  • Tenant acquisition, retention, and graduation
  • Community partnerships
  • Entrepreneur support programming and services
  • Finance and risk management
  • Public relations, fundraising, and marketing
  • Compliance
  • Impact assessment
  • Human resources management
  • Technology and infrastructure management


The ED is responsible for working with the board of directors to establish and execute the vision, mission, financial goals, and program goals of the Hatchery. The ED establishes plans and performance objectives for each person and functional area, manages and measures performance versus objectives and ensures all areas work collectively toward the organization’s goals. The ED ensures:

  • Program functions and personnel provide quality services and support to partners, tenants, members, & customers
  • Effective delivery of high value programing for tenants, shared kitchen users, and members
  • Tenant acquisition, retention, and graduation is sufficient to meet the financial and mission goals of the Hatchery
  • Staff personnel provide quality support to external programs and proactively work to meet program needs
  • Fundraising is sufficient to meet financial and program delivery obligations as determined by the board of directors
  • Effective management of all financial and outcome related reporting to all stakeholders.

Performance Measurement

The ED ensures the needs of all constituents are serviced in an innovative and professional manner with accurate, timely and relevant deliverables.  The ED ensures the following outcomes:

  • Program customers receive the programming and support services necessary to help them succeed
  • Membership and tenant target quantitative goals are met with high levels of satisfaction.
  • External funders receive accurate and timely information on mission outcomes and financial results
  • External funders are motivated to provide increasingly higher levels of support
  • East Garfield Park community is cognizant of the favorable impact of the Hatchery on the community and continues their partnership
  • Organization obtains the resources to meet established goals
  • Organization employees are proud to work for the organization and believe the organization treats them honestly and fairly in all employment aspects
  • Programs are developed effectively, outcomes clearly documented, and results to plan tracked and reported in a manner that ensures community confidence.

The ED convenes staff periodically to ensure customer needs are understood and satisfied. The ED promotes an environment that fosters continual improvement and innovation to meet mission and financial goals.

Working with each functional area, the ED ensures that following services and outcomes are delivered in professional, timely and cost-efficient manner.

Program Management

  • Design and execute programs aligned with the mission, outcome, and financial objectives of the organization and ensure good decisions at every point in the process.
  • Communicate mission outcomes and financial results to funders, creditors, business partners, Board of Directors and employees
  • Develop and execute marketing plans to meet goals
  • Secure sufficient funding to meet short-term and long-term operating needs

Finance and Risk Management

  • Establish and maintain the proper capital structure and ensure adequate level of funding is achieved
  • Develop and execute a risk management plan and internal control program
  • Ensure accurate and timely financial reporting conducted and communicated, including clean audit and single audit reports (as necessary) from external auditor.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory, tax and external covenant reporting
  • Manage liquidity
  • Ensure adequacy of fiduciary, directors and corporate insurance.

Public Relations, Fundraising and Marketing Management

  • Develop and execute public relations campaign to promote the organization
  • Establish and communicate a compelling vision to funders, creditors, business community and employees
  • Support programs with marketing materials, research, advice
  • Establish and execute innovative ways to support members and tenants and promote the Hatchery brand
  • Satisfy information requests from funders, creditor and other constituents
  • Raise general purpose grant funding as needed

Human Resources Management

  • Establish and maintain employment policy handbook
  • Ensure employment polices comply with local, state and federal regulations
  • Establish and maintain policies and procedures for staff retention, training and development
  • Establish plan for cross-training of critical functions and succession planning

Board of Directors Management

  • Plans and manages for the operations of the board of directors, supporting board member recruitment, training, development and engagement in the work of the Hatchery.
  • Ensures smooth operation of all board and committee meetings and all board events.
  • Reviews with board the by-laws, policies, and all other documents related to the oversight of the Hatchery, and makes timely and appropriate recommendations to the board on necessary changes, to ensure the stability of the Hatchery.

Public Policy

  • Leads organization’s efforts to effect change in policy that will provide a hospitable environment for low-to-moderate income entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds and experience levels to flourish.
  • Promotes the value and impact of entrepreneurship with local, regional, and national policy makers.
  • Works collaboratively with a variety of organizations to further entrepreneurship in low-to-moderate income communities.

 Technology and Infrastructure Management

  • Ensure adequacy and reliability of systems and procedures to conduct business
  • Provide proper level of office equipment and supplies
  • Ensure integrity and security of corporate and client data
  • Ensures a safe and secure work environment for employees
  • Establish and maintain disaster recovery plan
  • Establish and maintain purchasing process to ensure timely and cost-effective procurement of supplies


  • Bachelor’s degree in finance or related field required (postgraduate degree preferred)
  • Seven to ten plus years in food production, finance, or another related field in a corporate or nonprofit environment with increasing supervisory/management roles.
  • Demonstrated ability to inspire and lead a broad spectrum of stakeholders
  • Demonstrated capacity to manage financial and operational functions, including fundraising.
  • Experience working with nonprofit Board of Directors
  • Experience with launching and building a nonprofit or for-profit business
  • Real estate management experience ideal
  • Passion for mission and objectives of the Hatchery
  • Travel within Chicago metropolitan area
  • Good oral, written and presentation communication skills
  • Self-motivated and ability to motivate others
  • Bilingual language skills in English and Spanish (beneficial but not required)

CompensationTotal compensation for the position will be up to $100,000 plus benefits.  Given the start-up nature of the organization, the benefits package is to be determined.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter declaring their interest and qualifications to [email protected].

Minorities are encouraged to apply.  The Hatchery Chicago is an equal opportunity employer.

Director, Ohio University Innovation Lab

Employer: Ohio University

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Review of applications will be ongoing. For full consideration, applicants must apply before 11:59 p.m. EST on August 11, 2017.

This is a grant funded position. Employment is contingent upon continued funding from the grant provider.

The position manages, maintains, and markets both the Biotechnology Laboratory and the 3D Printer Lab at the Ohio University Innovation Center. This position is highly technical with specific knowledge necessary in biotechnology and engineering. Decisions made by the Lab Director have major implications on the strategic, operational, and business decisions that affect the Innovation Center and its stakeholders.

The main responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance of the equipment within the Innovation Center’s biotechnology and 3D printer labs. This includes the scheduling of preventative maintenance and managing service agreements; conducting preventative maintenance; scheduling equipment use; and monitoring usage and planning for future needs based on client requirements. This also includes working with other university departments to initiate lab improvements and submit routine and specialized work orders.
  • Ensuring Ohio University Environmental Health and Safety regulatory compliance and assisting clients with the compliance of other state and federal regulatory bodies, as appropriate. This includes and requires client training on shared equipment, MSDS documentation, SOP development, as well as knowledge and familiarity with BSL (Levels 1 &2) and quality control.
  • Oversight of the Ohio University’s 3D printer which is housed at the Innovation Center. This includes running 3D printer jobs; using the 3D scanner; working with CAD software; and the oversight of both internal and external quotes, invoices, and delivery.
  • Assisting clients in proper use of equipment, experiment setup, and the analyzation of data. This includes the provision of technical advice for the purposes of product development strategies, marketing strategies, and market analysis.
  • Marketing of both the 3D printer lab and biotechnology lab. This includes collaboration on strategy as well as the preparation of materials.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Minimum education requirements include a bachelor’s degree in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Analytics, Engineering or a similar field. The minimum level of work experience is 6 years. The candidate must have experience working in an interdisciplinary/cross-disciplinary role and managing multiple projects.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • A master’s degree in a relevant field and experience in a commercial setting is preferred.

Pay Rate:

SMARTstart Incubator Program Manager, Pasco Country Economic Development Center

About Pasco EDC

Pasco EDC’s SMARTstart Program has an open position at the new West Pasco location, in New Port Richey, Florida. We are looking for a qualified individual to join our team as a SMARTstart Incubator Program Manager. Below is a summary of the position. A full job description can be found at The application deadline is Friday, July 21st and all applications must be sent to [email protected].


Incumbent manages the delivery of SMARTstart programs and related activities relating to small business/entrepreneur programs at SMARTstart facilities in Pasco County. Research, plan, market, recruit, and facilitate development of new and expanding entrepreneurial businesses. Responsibilities also include researching and coordinating strategies to support entrepreneurship efforts in targeted areas, including compiling and analyzing data and recruitment of mentors, guest speakers and local experts, coordination of monthly activities and presentations to help cultivate new and expanding businesses.

Also assist in the delivery and strategy for startup service programs and identification of opportunities to establish new programs, management of incubator facilities, including; supervision of interns and volunteers, and monitor associated budgets. Promote incubation services and capabilities to external audiences. Identify, cultivate, and solicit support for incubation efforts and lead entrepreneurial education and roundtable programs. General management/oversight of local program agreements and coordination with strategic partners, development/promotion of small business services and programs through Pasco Enterprise Network (PEN), including presentations to relevant business and community groups to promote the awareness and mission of Pasco EDC.

Application Deadline – Friday, July 21, 2017 – click here to apply

Senior Innovation Consultant, GuideWell Innovation

Job Summary

Design and lead design thinking sessions for enterprise solution development, industry transformation and Lake Nona/GWIC initiatives. Lead and manage the Solution Design Engine which is a process utilizing industry knowledge, trend analysis, design thinking, and Enterprise knowledge in order to deliver future-oriented solutions that provide unique and competitive opportunities for GuideWell and partners. Design and lead external thought-leadership programs focused on industry transformation.

Essential Job Functions

  • Lead co-creation efforts with industry leaders, Guidewell executives and strategic partners and investors from problem definition all the way through to learning launch.
  • Responsible for leading the selection, application and utilization of design methodologies across GWI initiatives and programs including mapping of customer and doctor journeys. Design and manage the platform for understanding how to manage the idea and concept/solution development process which will trace a concept from initial idea through various concept iterations; understand how concepts relate, and see what worked and what didn’t; design analytics related to successes and failures; measure and report KPIs across concepts. This process will link knowledge from the past; new ideas; reuse of ideas across the enterprise and global innovators; and emerging and disruptive trends.
  • Develop research criteria and collect consumer insights, and utilize that data as input into the project advancement and prioritization process
  • Design and apply project management tools that that capture learning, codify decisions, and integrate results into successful project plan.
  • Design and implement ideation collection and analysis database system that collects, categorizes and evaluates ideas ranging from leading edge technology, new care models, best practices, products/services, etc. Solution idea system will support the 7 Centers of Excellence and key enterprise priorities.
  • Monitor the market place for new innovations, competitors, trends and emerging technologies in areas including connected health, advanced care delivery, IOMT, new care models, etc.
  • Design and lead entrepreneurial efforts for evaluating ventures, educating venture teams and evaluation of solutions.

Job Requirements

  • 6+ years of innovation or design-thinking experience
  • 5+ years of convening and facilitating interdisciplinary teams.
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 5 years’ experience building entrepreneurial ventures and knowledge of the complete entrepreneurial business life cycle
  • Energized by working in an ambiguous or uncertain environment
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Understanding of the digital landscape as it could apply to health, wellness and health care systems.
  • Demonstrated experience in applying these methodologies:
    • Agile Methodology
    • Design Thinking Methodology
    • Google Design Sprints
    • Lean Methodologies
    • Value Proposition Design
    • Customer Discovery
    • Market Validation
    • Minimum Viable Products/Rapid Prototyping
    • Problem/Solution Fit
    • Product/Market Fit
    • UI/UX
    • Market Research (TAM, SAM, SOM)
    • Digital Measurement Models
    • Digital Product Development

Preferred Criteria

Experience and in-depth knowledge:

  • Computational Health
  • Advanced Care Delivery
  • Digital Health & Remote
  • Customer Engagement
  • Wellness & Human Performance
  • Wellness w/o Walls, Intelligent Home / Aging in Place
  • Behavioral Health
  • Precision Health
  • Behavioral Health
  • Cancer Survivorship
  • Knowledge of the entrepreneurial business life cycle and understanding of the entrepreneurial journey

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