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Findings from COVID-19 Entrepreneurship Center Impact Survey

Thursday, June 4, 1 PM – 2 PM EST

Are you looking to understand how entrepreneurship centers are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic? Attend this virtual town hall to discuss key findings from InBIA’s COVID-19 Entrepreneurship Center Impact Survey and share best practices is supporting entrepreneurs during these unprecedented times.


Building Entrepreneur Impact at Scale in a Virtual World

Thursday, June 11, 1 PM – 2 PM EST

Do you feel like you are spending more time than you would like in the tracking of entrepreneurs and their progress against milestones?

Are you looking for new ways to reduce the time and money needed for your entrepreneurs to realize product/market fit?

Are you looking for ways to connect mentors to your entrepreneurs regardless of their geography?

Do you have the tools to enhance mentor and coach collaboration with entrepreneurs to support success?

Do you have training and education content you would like to deliver online but you aren’t sure how?

Join Pam Hoelzle, Founder and CEO of Entrepreneur Ready, as she shares best practices and a-ha moments throughout building her own startups, delivering 1:1 entrepreneur coaching, teaching entrepreneurship at the MBA-level and founding and growing a 3,000+ starter ecosystem at the University of Central Florida.

About Pam Hoelzle
Pam is the founder and CEO of Entrepreneur Ready and has a life-story dedicated to entrepreneurship. Pam successfully built and exited an $18M company and taught entrepreneurship at the MBA and undergraduate level. Pam was the founding director of the Blackstone Launchpad at UCF and responsible for turning it into the flagship program it became before her departure. She has coached/consulted tens of thousands of early-stage entrepreneurs over her career on both coasts and internationally deployed and trained entrepreneurs and innovators in Kenya, Saudi Arabia and Colombia. Her step-by-step framework for rapidly vetting, de-risking and gaining market evidence/viability is available as a virtual accelerator on the Entrepreneur Ready platform.

About Entrepreneur Ready
Entrepreneur Ready is dedicated to the development and delivery of solutions to accelerate entrepreneur and entrepreneur support organizations’ success. Integrating learning, mentoring, milestone/performance management and tracking in an innovative, customizable, online platform.

Featured Webinars

Early stage support can make all the difference and help guide new and scaling ventures to build their business from a concept to reality. Understanding the laws around deal-making, as it relates to setting up a business, making agreements with co-founders, hiring new staff, and signing customer agreements, can save a lot of time, money and effort as founders grow their businesses.

In this “train the trainer” webinar, the experts at DealPrep Inc. broke down the basics of incorporation, founder loans and investor share classes, as well as the best practices when negotiating these legal concepts in real life. By watching this webinar you’ll learn a valuable understanding of the legal concepts behind company formation decisions, that you can take back to your center and share with your ventures.

In a matter of weeks, the entrepreneur support world has gone virtual-first. As part of the transition, organizations are taking a close look at how to deliver and add value beyond in-person support within their four walls. Let’s take a look at the strategies explored, tools employed, and lessons learned as support organizations seek to best serve their communities in these uncertain times.

Fay Horwitt will share considerations for building community within a virtual incubation program

Bridge for Billions will discuss measuring the impact of your virtual incubation program

Garrett Johnson will discuss his involvement in 1776 in DC and how that inspired tools for virtual incubation

COVID-19 has created a new reality that will require adjustment from our standard way of working. On a positive note, constraints tend to inspire innovation, so we wanted to bring together our members for a discussion on how to continue to operate and perhaps even thrive during the global pandemic.

During this session, we discussed the opportunities and challenges the COVID-19 pandemic is creating for businesses, and outline strategies for organizations to support entrepreneurs. The panelists will offered perspectives on facility operations, the well-being of clients and staff, and the financial well-being of programs and clients’ businesses.

InIBA members shared what solutions they’ve implemented, what’s working, what’s not working, and what they’re still trying to solve.

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