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Successfully Connecting Startups to Corporates

Large and established businesses can be valuable partners for your startups and small businesses. Such partners can enhance a client’s credibility and unlock access to customers, distribution channels and financial capital. Unfortunately, successfully executing such partnerships is difficult – and not always successful – for both sides.


Topics will include:

The benefits and drivers of large and small company partnerships

 Valuable lessons about what makes partnerships succeed or fail

 How to work with your client and corporate partner to vet opportunities and maximize collaborations

Best practices to make partnerships more successful

Past Webinars

Supporting Successful Entrepreneurship Ecosystems


Strong entrepreneurship ecosystems are essential to thriving startup economies. This free, interactive webinar will explore essential elements of healthy ecosystems, the current state of the field, what it means to be an ecosystem builder, and the Ecosystem Building Leadership Project (EBLP) – an exciting new effort to co-design a national network that will serve as an anchor and add legitimacy and sustainability to the field of ecosystem building.


Dell Gines,
Lead Community Development Advisor,
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Kristin Leutz,
Founder, Petra Impact Partners

Charles Ross,

Taking Your ESO to the Next Level: Launching to Growing to Sustaining


This webinar explores how to effectively take a program from the planning phase into long-term sustainability. Topics include increasing impact, setting up effective leadership, understanding how to go from growing to sustaining, evolving a team, and more.


Eric Smith
Executive Director, University of Arizona Center for Innovation

Managing an Entrepreneurship Facility in Challenging Times

Best Practices for Incubation Professionals Part 3: The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way people use space and required many centers to move toward further increasing the flexibility of their facilities. This webinar will explore some of the models and how center managers and real estate professionals are adapting to meet these new realities.


Stephen Hargett
VP of Campus Operations and User Experience, Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator

Aaron Olver
Managing Director, University Research Park

Matt Gardner
CEO, California Technology Council

Building Better Boards

Best Practices for Incubation Professionals – Part 2: This joint webinar series produced by InBIA and the California Business Incubation Alliance provided entrepreneurial support professionals with information, tools and resources to assist clients as they recruit for and manage strong boards for their companies.


Kyla Frye
Executive Director, WT Enterprise Center

Danielle D’Agostaro
Principal Partner, WV Ventures

Matt Gardner
CEO, California Technology Council

Managing Mentor Networks

Best Practices for Incubation Professionals – Part 1:
This joint webinar series produced by InBIA and the California Business Incubation Alliance discussed best practices in managing mentor networks for your center.


Krista Covey
President, First Flight Venture Center

Marc Martin-Casas
Illumina Accelerator

Thomas Hordam
We Love Mentors

Matt Gardner

Building Entrepreneur Impact at Scale in a Virtual World


Do you feel like you are spending more time than you would like in the tracking of entrepreneurs and their progress against milestones?


Pam Hoelzle, Founder and CEO of Entrepreneur Ready

Inclusive Programming to Support Diverse Entrepreneurs


Ensuring entrepreneurs of all backgrounds have access to the resources and support they need to succeed is a significant part of having a thriving and innovative economy.


Duane Rollins
Vice President of Impact and Research, SEED SPOT

David Parker
CEO, Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll)

Gloria Ware
Director, KeyBank Center for Technology, Innovation and Inclusive Growth

The Post-Pandemic ESO: Creating a Model for the Economic Recovery


Moving towards the recovery will require a recalibration of your  Entrepreneurial Support Organization’s (ESO) business model. Rethinking everything from mission and target customers to service offerings and facility use will be necessary to enable your ESO to operate effectively in the “new normal”.


Carol Kraus Lauffer
Principal, Business Cluster Development LLC

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